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Feel Cheated


Rather comfy here
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Hiya is it me or do you feel cheated if you've planned a flex day or to have a high syn meal to only find out when you get it, its crap! I had a KFC at the weekend, I was really looking forward to it but when hubby brought it home the quality of the meal was awful. I did eat it as I was starving and there was nothing else in to make another dinner.

I felt so cheated, not only on the money I spent but also the syns. Then stupidly I had a creme egg and a homemade fairy cake with butter cream to make up feeling cheated (stupid I know)

I don't mind going off plan or having a flex day if its worth it

Rant over just had to write it down lol
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hiyer, yer we've stopped by chinesse for this reason, the last couple we've bought have ended up in the bin. Have made the chowmein from the starter pack and had been much nicer.:D
I have pretty much given up on having takeaways for this exact reason. I used to very occasionally have a chinese (within syns) but it was always such a disappointment that it seemed like a waste of time when you can make something low syn or syn free that tastes much nicer.

I do curries from scratch now too. You can make it to the strength you prefer, and the one syn bhajis are absolutely gorgeous.
Oh yes, I know what you mean. Mine is pizza - I have a slice and think why did I do that? it just doesn't taste as good any more does it?

And yes, I feel totally cheated then too


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whilest being off work last week i though id treat myself to foods that I've missed out on. went to skegness,bakewell,castleton, and a funfair so imagine what goodies were on offer. but to be honest had to talk myself into eating as it just doesn't taste right so most ended up in the bin. the only thing i enjoyed was a 99 ice cream. made me rethink what i have been eathing the last 9 months and finally realised what some one told me last year.sliming world is not really a diet just a new way of eating. been counting the pounds till i can eat normally again.last week taught me i already do.


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oh yes i sooooooo know what you mean!!
there have been a few times where ive looked forward to something for weeks then got to it and think urgh!!
all the time, i usually go out for lunch quite a bit with my sister and she always has my mouth watering with full fat stuff. so the other month i saved my sins and went all out and was atually gutted. it didnt taste half as good as i thought it was going too x


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fable said:
been counting the pounds till i can eat normally again.last week taught me i already do.
Never were truer words said!!


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I had a mcdonalds a couple of weeks back and was bitterly disapointed!!! Find myself missing my healthy versions of things! However my next flexi day...im going to have some fudge cake! I cant imagine i would ever be disapointed with that :p xx


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I am so glad it's not just me! I had some bits from the chinese a couple of weeks ago (within my syns and planned for) and...:cry: totally not worth it and it left me feeling so thirsty.

The only thing I've found since I've been on plan that's really been worth it's Pickled Onion Monster Munch (10syns, because it's a big bag they come in) and even at that....

I had a lovely meal out yesterday (no chips, no pud) and the people I was with just flaked after dinner because they were all weighed down with food.. I was happy, comfy and still raring to go :rolleyes: . You're totally right Fable this is just normal eating!


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It just goes to show how much your taste buds change when you cut out the crap fast food. I used to really love KFC, but now find it unbearably salty. One of the things I have been promising myself for a long time has been a BurgerKing Whopper with cheese, and hubby keeps asking me when we are going to have one. But I will be absolutely gutted to eat a 800 calorie burger only to find I dont like them anymore, so have put off the 'treat' for at least 3 months.

Indian food however, now thats a different story, but them its not really fast food is it. I think it does show how unhealthy all the burger/chicken/pizza fast food out there really is.

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