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Feel down hearted!


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I started doing Atkins on monday after previously losing a bit of weight on it plus have read it helps PCOS sufferers. I have stuck to it really well. I suffer from PCOS and haven't had a period for 2 years. :( - weigh in day today, and i cannot believe it - i have come on! - which is great - but then i weighed myself and have only lost a pound! - i really felt i had started so well!
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hiya hun - just think of the loss you're going to have at your next weigh in! Anyways, 1lb is brilliant - you haven't gained anything and you're heading in the right direction!! (to loose when you come on is brilliant anyway!!)

It could be that you've actually lost more than you think and that has triggered your period :) good news! x


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Ah great news! See nothing to worry about! It's strange - i've got PCOS and haven't had a period in a yr and a half. I've lost two stone since August and have just come on today! Bit of shock but brill at the same time :D hehe!
Yay, you body is getting back to normal :) Natural to not lose as much as it's TOTM, I always blame water/fluid retention but I'm not really sure on the science :) x


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I also suffer with PCOS. Hate it as loosing weight is a nightmare. The worst for me is that every month I feel as if I'm going to come on, get all the symptons, moods, boobs tender, hungrier than normal and bloated and then nothing happens! Its been about 3 months since my last period, so who knows when....
Loosing about 1lb- 2lb a week is good for you (better than putting it on), although I know we all want to loose it quicker...stick at it and good luck.
Not tried Atkins myself, doing Go Lower at the moment, and so far loving the results. 5lbs last week and weigh in later today...
I was also the same... no period for a few years, then after a week on lipotrim last year (may time) a period briefly appeared!! I didnt end up sticking to the diet as my willpower is shot, but i have managed to keep the weight i did lose off, and maybe a couple of pounds more. Since then ive had 2 - possibly even 3 periods which is a record for me! I do think weight loss tends to regulate periods, its just a shame its so hard to shift with pcos! Anyway, im back on the weight loss front as of next week (awaiting arrival of dietimeal) as the holiday season is fast approaching! As for the 1lb weight loss, any loss is a bonus so dont be disheartened by it - a lot of people find they catch up in their 2nd week so you may lose a big number next week. Fingers crossed for you! xx


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Im also feeling downhearted, but then again i ve only got myself to blame i really have not been trying like i should and it shows, good luck though a pound loss is better than a gain :) x