feel like a cheat eating the cambridge bars


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Well now I know why the cambridge diet gets such good press.........
Just had my breakfast a peanut crunch bar. I feel like a fraud. :eek: :D

The tetra packs are so much handier and I can't wait to try the veg soup later on.


Enjoy!!! The bars are lovely - my favourite is the orange with dark choc around it .... wish they'd make a mint one too - then I could have "after eights"!!!!
the bars are lush... but i do think the packs fill you up more??? might be an 'all in the head' thing but i have had a choc mint shake the past 2 mornings and have felt fuller than when i had a bar??? anyway i'm trying to just do packs for my first week so i'm anti bars at the moment... need something to keep me off them... they are delicious tho!!!!

glad you are enjoying CD its just lovely!!!


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I think this is where I would slip up as if I had 1 I would want more, it would be like before eat 1 bar and want the rest.....this is where I like lipotrim the only options are the flapjacks and they are gross.
I personally like to have the limit of just the drinks.

Glad you are getting on well Betty boo, keep it up
peanut bars are heaven! i like the cranberry too.

the packs r more filling than the bars i think but the bars are great when u really need something to chew.

i save all my packs for the evening and have them all within a couple of hours so i can have the bars and be full.
I loved the bars, they were my saviour and really gave me something to look forward to. Enjoy them, they're part of this wonderful diet :D I still have the Toffee ones quite often now & still find them filling (and yummy):)
life wouldnt be worth living without the orange bars! but for some reason i dont like the rest! its each to there own and everyones different, we all have to do what we can to stick at the diet and as we all know it works!
Hi Bettyboo,

I know exactly what you mean about feeling like a cheat!! :(

I've just started the bars and it seems sooo wrong to be eating chocolate when that's one of the reasons I'm on this crazy diet in the first place!! :eek: :eek:

I'm cutting them up into small slices so that they last longer, but now I find myself wanting to eat a bit after my lunchtime soup as a kind of dessert... which is just the kind of thing that has always been my downfall. :(

So I think I should stop having them. :( But it's so nice to chew something.... :)

It's a dilemma!!! :eek: :D
Thats a brilliant idea about chopping them up into smaller pieces. I might even put them in a box !! LOL


I can't wait to be able to have some bars!! It will be nice to have something to chew on every now and then!
I've Tried To Stay Away From The Bars, I'm Using Them As A Treat Instead!
I Have My Weigh In On Mondays, So If I Do Well I Allow Myself A Bar!!! Sad I Know, But I Need Some Kind Of Reward System To Treat Myself!
I find that the bars take a lot of chewing so I also cut them into little pieces and put them in a liitle bag - so it's like sweeties. I stick the bag of cut up caramel bar or malted toffee into the freezer for a couple of hours and they last for ages!
I love the bars beacuse I seem to be eating for ages. I also cut them up into little pieces although I did this with the chocolate orange one and couldn't taste the flavour as good as just chewing from the bar.