feel like a woman again


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I meant to post that i went out on friday with the girls and enjoyed going out in the day and buying a new top to wear.

When i got dressed in my new top and old trousers (size 14!!!!!) i felt good. Hubby even passed comment but too rude to post.

When i got out girls all said i looked nice and i really enjoyed the evening. It is the first time i have been out in a long time ang wanted to be there and not slouch in the corner.

Thanks all you guys for keeping me motivated to get to this stage, and please stick by me for the last stone.
Aww that was a lovely post, good for you, glad you enjoyed yourself, and am now intrigued as to what your hubby said (wink wink)

That last stone will be off in no time!
Enjoy the compliments you deserve them!
Really pleased for you. It is nice to hear the positives. Keeping hold of those lovely feelings is what helps people maintain their loss I should think- good luck with the last stone!
Hey what a great feeling!! And believe me it is highly addictive!!

Enjoy it.... it's only gonna get better and better....
Fantastic well done!! Just think how Fab you'll feel whent he last stone has meted away. Good on you girl and heres to many more nights out feeling brilliant!!!
Well done babe,
Its so nice when people say nice things helps you keep going.
The last stone will soon be gone and we are all here to help and will still be here to help keep you on the stright and narrow after goal.
Keep up the good work xx
It's such a great feeling isn't it? I felt the same when I went to my friends wedding recently and wore a dress for the first time in years, felt feminine for the first time going out in ages and the compliments were great.
Well done for recognising your sucess! :D it's hard sometimes to stop our 'fat' image from taking over how we feel! ;)

Really glad you had a lovely night and your DH is seeing the new you too! :D

You're doing so well, and will at goal in no time! ;)