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feel like crying

hi all,
sorry for posting again with another problem.
im 1lb away from getting rid of my first stone but tonight im finding it really hard and i feel really ashamed to wright this but i fell so upset that i have used all my points and can't eat anything else. does this sound stupied?
my partner is skinny as anything and can eat what he wants and he does. but im feeling really angry at him as he has just eaten 2 bars of choci. i don't want to feel this way towards him as he has been so suportive.
again this might sound stupied but it feels like i have lost a friend, something that was always there for me and in a way i guss im feeling lonely. i just want to cry.
sorry for going on i guss im just feeling sorry for myself and needed to get it of my chest xx
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I don't know what to say. I do know how you feel. Food is a friend, but it is a friend that does you little good sometimes. It will get easier. Would he take you seriously if you just didn't ahve stuff lioke that in the house fr a little while.
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i no how hard it can be when people in the house are eating junk food,as you say though he has been really supportive and you shouldnt really be angry at him,although i definatly know how you feel,i dont think taking junk food out of the house would help or asking him to not eat it around you((not saying you will or doo) but i guess its time for you to fight your inner demon lol,and its hard but just try your hardest to fight urges of eating crap ,and tomoro or the next day just work out your points so that if you fancy a bit of choccy you can have it hun, have you got any point free jelly or salad you could munch on,i no its not the most appetising,but it may help,i also find that drinking pepsi max(point free) really helps me ,it makes me feel full and i tend not to crave chocolate and other naughties, hope what i say helps and goodluck hun xxxx
I always keep those Hartleys sugar-free jelly pots in for emergencies. They've got me through some very bad times when the family are munching on goodies and I hate them all. They're quite nice actually. The WW sweeties are a god-send too. I'm always sucking on them!
I know what you mean about food being your friend and your comfort Carz but its not really is it? Its making you feel miserable and uncomfortable. Blossom is SO right in what she says. Go and give your OH a big kiss right now - you'll feel better for letting the resentment go!!!!! xxxx
Hi its habits hun and it takes a while to break them,maybe try saving points for evening I used to do that a few months ago,that way you can have a treat.
Maybe explain to OH I know you are supportive but atm I am struggling a little would you mind eating snacks when Im in the bath or washing up etc? It will pass the more you lose the more your want it than you will junk.
Imagion by christmas how great you'll feel having not had junk and of lost lotts of lbs :)
thanks ladies,
i think it was just a bad time for me.
i feel alot better now and have taken your advice blossom and got some sf jelly and pepsi max in which is helping, i have also saved some points so i can have a little something in the evenings
thanks wannabeelovely i have never looked at food as something that makes me miserable before, i always looked at it as something i enjoyed but at the end of the day it is the food that made me fat.
thanks again for all the advice you have all helped me stay on track xx
Anytime Carz! Glad you're feeling more upbeat and you've taken positive steps to help the temptation! Hope your OH got that kiss too!!!! LOL!!! xxx

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