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feel like giving up .. just cant stop eating!!


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trying to follow sw from home to try and maintain my weight .. but just cant get into it, start off with good intentions get all the right food in .. then end up eating loads of cr*ap that uses my syns up (and more!) and i feel a real failure .. i almost feel as if i deserve to put on loads of weight, just dont seem to have any self control

i have had loads celebrations in last cpl weeks, so that hasnt helped although i must admit probably havent eaten half as much as i might have had i not been loosely following sw .. also quite stressed at the moment, worrying about baby and pregnancy (because of history) and keep eating sweet things, which leads to more sweet things .. which makes my syns go through the roof and i think what a failure i am

im planning to join a sw class on thurs in the hope that i can stick to it with the correct advice and support from the consultant also with scales that actually work, mine seem to give me 3 different readings, one after the other .. and i inevitably pick the lowest one, lol

im just worried i blow it again, and waste all that money into the bargain !

sorry, dont know why i have posted this really - just need to have a little rant and get it off my chest - has anyone else felt like this, then managed to get back on the waggon?
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Don't be so hard on yourself hun, you have had a tough time and eating 'naughty' things makes you feel like you are being nice to yourself. I would either forget about the 'dieting' especially if it is making you more stressed, you may find you eat less if you are not bound by a diet.
Or if you really want to keep your weight down just try to think healthy rather than diet, there are lots of delicious foods that are good for you and babes, just think that all the goodness from the healthy things you eat are going to baby, its a bit like people who give up smoking when they find out they are pregnant, how hard must that be:eek: but they do it cos its good for baby.
Please don't think I am preaching just trying to help, take care and chin up;)


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omg, i feel exactly the same today. had a really bad weekend and now cant get back on the wagon and feel rubbish about it.

i cannot believe how hungry i have been today, i swear baby must be having a mega growth spurt in there or something:rolleyes:


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I feel in the same boat! I'm so hungry and the free foods just don't interest me! I'm just taking it a day at a time! x


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It just sounds like you've had a week of bad timings! We all get those so don't be too hard on yourself about it. Sometimes the minute you think you're actually on a diet you go in completely the wrong direction. Maybe just try and, regardless of what else you eat, make sure you squeeze a bit of fruit and veg/salad in there (if you're not already), a bit more milk if you can and anything you know that's good for you and the baby. At least you're getting in what your baby needs surrounded by what you want!

I'm in a bit of an opposite position right now. Being in my first trimester still, I'm suffering from a lot of queasiness. I have no appetite, no passion for any food/dinner to be honest! I'm worried that I'm just not getting enough in me at all. I know they say that you can 'catch up' in the second trimester and to just have what you can, but then everywhere I read these are the most important weeks in the baby's development. I try to get fruit and veg in me, and I'm taking a multivitamin which will hopefully help a little, but I just feel really bleugh. I just keep reminding myself that plenty of people have it far worse.


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thanks everyone for your messages of support .. feeling a little better today, have had healthy bfast with my fave weetabix and fruit and im planning a nice lunch (stirfry + noodles) with some strawbs i picked up yesturday + 0% fat greek yogurt .. of course!
i just think i need to plan ahead a bit more, i just panic if i dont know what to eat or if we end up at barbecues etc .. then just think sod it and eat everything in sight . have also had a fridge full of left over goodies from my husbands/daughters respective bday parties . hadnt thought as amy mentioned, baby might also be having a bit of a growth spurt and perhaps im craving sweet / fatty foods naturally?
anyway, as sugested i have decided not to be so hard on myself and just draw a line under the last week or so .. im joining sw 2morrow, so looking forward to getting some support from the consultant and having "proper" weigh ins .. ie not on my temperamental bathroom scales,lol - plus a little walk there and back so bit of excercise into the bargain.
i have however decided that i dont want to know my weight and will ask that she just tells me any + or - at each weigh in .. will have to be strict and not look at my book, lol
so things are looking better already, once again thanks for your kind words and i wish all the other mummies 2 b who have momentarilly fallen off the wagon good luck in getting back on it again, lol .. funny we're mostly all due within days of each other, perhaps there's something in it .. and baby really is just needing a little more food at this time? all be it junk food, lol


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Glad you are feeling a bit more positive, I hope the SW class goes well thurs;)

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