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feel like giving up!

Oh Hun,
I' so sorry to hear you are feeling so ill! Dieting is so tough when you feel like that. You end up eating nothing then grabbing the closest thing to you which is usually fattening convenience food! The last thing you feel like doing is cooking.

If you know you are gonna eat junk then just try and pick more healthy junk! lol (That's what I did.) If you know you are gonna have a takeaway then pick chinese and don't have anything deep fried. Or have a Mcdonalds but pick a small fries which I think is only 3.5points and maybe 4nuggets or a Mcchicken Sandwich. If you fancy some biccys to dunk in your hot cup of tea, then pick rich tea biccys as they are half a point each. But if you really do think you can't stick to WW this week, just say to yourself ok I'll get back on the diet as soon as I feel better. But PLEASE, PLEASE don't give up. You will undo all your hardwork to date. I've felt like giving up tonnes of times. I've gone over my points, but the next day I get back on track and it is finally starting to pay off as people are noticing.

Please don't give up Hun, I know it is so, so hard when you feel ill though.Wearte all here for you Sweetie!!!!!!! Hope you feel better soon!!!
Love Vicky
hope your feeling better hope you dont have a big gain and if you do chin up and start again huni
Don't Give up, when we feel ill the first thing we grab is junk because it's easy. I am sure you will feel better soon and you can start eating the food you should be again soon, get well soon
thanks guys :) have done much better today, went out and got some ww soup, easy and low in points!

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