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Feel like I've cheated, don't like it

Hi all,

I'm on add a meal week and hating it. I feel like I'm cheating and feel horrible, I daren't get on the scales as I feel like I've not lost anything.

I'm having 60 cals of chicken (weight watchers mini pack) some lettuce and a tablespoon of cottage cheese so about 100 cals if I'm lucky, think 600 is way too much. and am sticking to the cambridge add a meal type thing.

Winge over, I'll suck it up, carry on eating and look forward to Sunday when I can stop and get back to total solutions xx:sigh:
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I understand how you feel. I should be on add a meal week now but won't do it. I find taking food out of the equation altogether works better for me. I too would feel guilty eating. If you are going to add the meal though, you should try your best to enjoy it. Some people have a good loss after eating for a week. I hope you are one of them x


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AAM week actually kickstarted my loss again although I must admit I didn't do it until a fair bit later than week 5.
I think they must put it in the diet for a reason, maybe something to help the bowels (sorry tmi) I never felt this bad on cambridge and am only having about 100 - 150 cals but still don't like it. I'll stick with the rules, but would much rather have a tomato or some peas hey, only friday and saturday left.

How stupid, I daren't even have my mid week sneeky peek


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AAM is there for 2 reasons
1) to give your metabolism a boost (I tend to lose about 2-3lbs on the actual week but then have a bigger 5ishlb loss the week after
2) Its part of the learning to eat process, it keeps you in contact with food but in a controlled way. It does feel wrong and I always feel bloated during AAM but it is worth doing.

The only problem with VLCDs is that you can become scared of food as you know that eating can throw you out of ketosis but its a big part of life after the diet and we all need to learn to eat in moderation (this for me will be much harder than the actual diet)
I somehow need to teach myself to stop looking at food as good and bad and start seeing it as fuel :rolleyes:
I also need to learn that I can still have crisps,biscuits,takeaways etc just not everyday!!
I am hoping to follow an 80% good 20% bad way of eating once at goal but know it wont be easy :(

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