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Feel like poo!!


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I've got blisters on my eylids that are weeping. my glands are up. I feel sick. ANd there are warm choc scones just out the ovenmade by my gorgeous daughter. Help!!

Blisters on your eyelids?? that's sounds painful, do you know why you have them? Sounds like you need to see a GP or Chemist at least :( poor thing... I hope you feel better soon xxx
I ahd half a muffin and pointed it best I could. It was gorgeous straight from the oven!! The blisters on my eyelids are worse and I'm off to the GP this afternoon. I hate doctors. Think I best ask him why I'm so damn tired and lifeless all the time too.

Ahh well done you xx

Oh maybe your not drinking enough that is why we get exhusted and maybe take a mulitvitamin too?

Hope you get some help I hate doctors too ((hugs)) xx
Well the blisters are two coldsores on my eyelid!! Not nice, but not a worry. As I also currently ahve two on my lips, I am having bloodtests as to why I am so run down. I really ahve no reason to be a tthe mo.

I can totally sympathize with the cold sores on the eyelids. I had loads of little ones on my left eyelid a few weeks ago. It was the worst thing ever, so painful and my eye was swollen for about a week.

I hope you get better soon.
Gosh that sounds so painfull....i get very run down and had several weeks of uni,

usually i get about 5 ulcers when i am run down (usually TOTM, always get at least 1) but when i am run down/ill as well sometimes i get up to 10 and cant eat or speak.

Im annemic, maybe that? Bloodtest would show it.

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