feel like s**t

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  1. candycaz

    candycaz Full Member

    cambridge diet
    hi all
    just found out my sister
    my mum (who i dont talk to) and her boyfriend were all laughing and taking the p**s out of me going on a diet last sunday
    feel so down
    want to comfort eat but stopping myself
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  3. susie Q

    susie Q Full Member

    Stuff them they will be laughing on the other side of their faces whan they see you all slim and lovely, you will definatly have the last laugh then. Use them as you insentive to loose the weight
    and good luck we are all here for you x
  4. kellymundy

    kellymundy Gold Member

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    Slimming World
    Step away from the fridge! Don't give them the satisfaction of winning. Prove them wrong, just imagine the looks on their faces when you can go shopping with them, pick a size 10 pair of jeans off the shelf and just know that they'll fit you without trying them on!:D
  5. BigPants

    BigPants Full Member

    Turn their negative comments into a positive if you can, use them to spur you on towards goal.

    Don't reach for the comfort food, then they will have won, don't let them. Have a look at the inspirational slide show on here.

    Onwards and downwards xx
  6. catznolan

    catznolan nearly there!! :)

    lost over 60 lbs with ll
    by comfort eating u will be giving into them.
    u did this for u and nt them so prove m wrong that u can do it.
    sum ppl really dnt agree wit diets lik this but i mostly find their ppl hu idr hav neva been fat or hu havent reached the time for them to loose weight so are jealous....

    member u CAN do it!!
  7. Tarragon

    Tarragon Silver Member

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    Poor you!
    Sometimes people (especially family) can be sooo cruel, like was said before use this as a way to motivate yourself and prove them wrong. Wouldn't it be awful to know they were laughing because you'd given up?
    You can do it, we're all in this together and can support each other. :):):)

    sending hugs and smiles your way.
  8. Camilla

    Camilla Silver Member

    Echo everyone else's comments - Go Girl! XX
  9. skinnydee

    skinnydee Member

    Stick with it

    Be strong, tomorrow will feel better.

    Good luck x;)
  10. wendy anne 69

    wendy anne 69 Full Member

    lighter life
    i would say the same as everyone else just imagine ther faces when you lose all your weight i am on day 5 of ll and i still want to eat not because of hunger but it because thats what i normally do if your tempted to eat come on hear talk to people read there stories and look at there pics i dosent half spur you on my thoughts are with you good luck
  11. Ceri

    Ceri Full Member

    cambridge diet
    Pffft!! Don't you dare prove them right....you show them that they are not only inconsiderate, and darn right rude to be behaving in such a way, but they are completely wrong to think that you won't succeed.
    What a good motivator - every time you think of food or eating just picture them laughing and strive to wipe the grins off their faces.
    Feel very angry for you.
    Wishing you the very best of luck. Sending you positive vibes,
  12. Kira

    Kira Gold Member

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    May I aks if they are overweight themselves? Wonder if they are envious that you are taking the plunge to tackle your weight? I find a lot of people both slim and overweight feel threatened by people wishing to take control over diet etc. Ignore and don't give into them. Do this for yourself.
  13. misheemoo

    misheemoo Full Member

    u can do it if u put ur mind into it x
  14. scousemouse0151

    scousemouse0151 soon to be minnie mouse

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    slim&save, tried everything in the past,failed expert on them all
    keep at the diet and you'll be the only one laughing in the long run. i would suggest keeping your distance from them if at all possible and when they do see the slimmer you watch the smile wiped off their nasty faces. good luck to you
  15. Biggirlsam

    Biggirlsam Banned

    My sisters wouldn't walk down the street with me because I was fat and they were ashamed of me, it really really hurt but, now years later i'm loosing the weight and they are gaining, the moral of the tail is you can loose the weight but they can't change their personalities, now who is the best person- you are you can get rid of the thing that makes you unhappy, they can't change the way they are xx don't let them win again, let them laugh, and in 6 months say to them remember the time you laughed at me... Thank you because you made me realise I can do this on my own and I have..... Stay stong, x and keep loosing xx
  16. candycaz

    candycaz Full Member

    cambridge diet
    thanks all really cheered me up
    turns out my sister just decided to tell all her mates
    but im not that bothered anymore
    im doing it for me not anyone else
    my dad and partner support me and to me thats all that matters
  17. klee

    klee Full Member

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    just think of it as even more people that in 6 months time will be thinking OMG she did it, she looks fab and im soo jealous! they will be laughing on the other side of there faces.
    and also id like to say HAHAHAHAHAHAHA (thats me laughing at them) they dont know what will have hit them in 6 months time!
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  19. JayLiverpool

    JayLiverpool Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Actions speak louder than words! :)

    They may not have any faith in you at the moment, but we do!! :hug99:
  20. lose-lotts

    lose-lotts Full Member

    cambridge diet
    u can do it we all can do it
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