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Feel really down

S: 20st13lb
I don't feel that i have lost any weight this week, i've stuck to the diet 100% and have drunk a minimum of 3 litres every day.

My trousers are hanging off me everyone at work are starting to laugh, and they are more baggier than they were last week.

Also i think i'm becomming obsessed with the scales, i weigh myself at least twice a day and if they don't change i get really miserable like i am today.

I was 22,2 when i started
i was 21.03 last week
and on my scales today it sais 20,13 to me this isn't enough, what does everyone else think?
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S: 20st7lb C: 11st7lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 25.2 Loss: 9st0lb(43.9%)
Gilly, you are doing really well. Scales hopping is the worst possible thing to do as it can really dictate your mood.

If you are sticking to the diet then you are losing fat. It has to work. Any fluctuations on the scales are just water but you make it worse for yourselg by constantly weighing.

What day is your official WI? Can you try and stay off the scales until then.
S: 20st13lb
I weigh on Thursday night, i think i'm going to get hubby to hide them somewhere cause its getting silly.

I just don't want to go Thursday and have not lost any weight it would be a nightmare. In my head i want to have lost for to get to 17 pounds but i'm just not sure if i will do it this week.
Gill look how many weeks you've been doing this diet to drop from 22stone to 20 odd stone is FANTASTIC in 3weeks which is technically what it will be!!!!!!

You're doing wonderful and there are going to be weeks when you don't lose as much but the average is 14lbs a month and you're well over that at the min so try not to worry hun you can SEE the results which is WONDERFUL!!!! KEep up the hard work hun, you're doing FANTASTIC!!!!!
You are doing brilliantly!!

I made this mistake last week and posted very similar to you as the scales kept changing during the day!! I have now moved my scales into the loft and ONLY get them down on weigh in morning.

Get rid of the scales until weigh in hun, I learnt this last week and have promised myself I will NOT WEIGH MYSELF UNTIL WEIGH IN DAY!!

If you are sticking to the diet and drinking the water you WILL lose weight, so get rid of those scales!

Keep strong and keep going :D xx
Gosh just noticed what Sam (wannalose8stone) wrote "Scales hopping is the worst possible thing to do as it can really dictate your mood" - totally and utterly agree!!!!
S: 20st13lb
What are you doing on in the day Nina?

I think i just need a kick up the backside, i will get Dan to hide the scales when he wakes up.

Last night, i weighed wasn't happy so went to bed and all i could think about was the scales, i got up twice more and weighed just to check, it can't be normal.

I've never been like this, i think its cause everytime i do get on the numbers are going down and when they don't i get really pissed off.

It will be technically 3 weeks and i know that going from 22 to 20 odd is great, and it's so much more than i have ever lost before and i have no intention of stopping this diet.

I was talking to someone at work who is doing it and someone asked us if we were hungry, neither of us could explain why we weren't its the strangest thing. I have a piece of wedding cake sitting on my desk that someone bought in and i haven't got any interest in eating it
I'm off work until 1st October Gill that's why hehe usually i have a really big lie in but had to go form my stitches out of my foot today so been an early riser for me lolol!!!!!

Gill i'm really proud of you for being able to look at the cake and not want it...makes you feel really good inside doesnt it!!! I was a bit of a scale hopper until i found out if i moved my scales a bit to the left i could lose 2 stone lmao so now i know theyre not very reliable

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