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Feel silly


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Hey everyone, havnt posted for a few days as i was supposed to restart last week, it never happened, i am finding it really hard so i have been catching up with some of the posts and have taken onboard a lot of the advice, i have burnt anything size 18 or bigger and was also particularly hurt by a colleague who said my face was getting fat again, even though i had only put on 6lb but anyway i feel crap and huge and know that the only way i can feel better is to log on here every day and just get on with it, i found myself shoving chocs into my mouth last night and hating myself it has to stop, if anyone has any tips i would be grateful as i dont want to end up where i started, i treated myself to a new haircut(crop) last night and see this as a new beginning, sorry for my rant but there i feel better already!!!!:whoopass:
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what a nasty colleague, horrible thing to say!

if you have the shakes then i suggest starting now - strike while the iron is hot and you feel good about your lovely new haircut.

Do this for you and think how good you will feel when you have dropped the 6lbs you've put on and made inroads into the rest you want to lose.

You can do this and we are here for you :)

1. Take one day at a time
2. Drink plenty of water - little and often
3. Have the choc shake hot if you feel in need of comfort - or better still have a hot bath so you're not associating *any* food/drink with comfort!
4. more pampering - the haircut made you feel special, so would a manicure, or a face mask...

Treat yourself - you are worth it.


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hi Katy good to hear from you again, I know how you feel babes. I took a weeks break and it was hard to get back into it. I am still at week 1 of restarting and I am struggling. Just remember what you have achieved and that you can do it again. Just look forward to chucking out your current clothes for smaller sizes :)

I know you can do it, you have before. As for your colleague, people never like seeing others do well and get confident so anything to put them down is okay for them. Take no notice. You are much stronger then that!
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we all do it hon... just now i hate half a choc chip cookie my son didnt want :( i've had a HORRIBLE day and my ex is being a b***tard concerning our divorce so i just.... weakened.....
you can do this and so can i :) keep at it, dont hate yourself - move on, be strong, and start planning that size 10 wardrobe :)
Polly xx
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glad your back it is hard to start again i belive i only went on a weeks re-feed and although i want food all the time and struggle i havn't givin in i'm waiting for ketosis to kick in again
you have lost an amazing amount so far just ignor what people say there prob jelious

debz x


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Hi Katy

Dont take on board what that colleague says,,,just keep remembering why you want to get back on LT! You have achieved a hell of a lot so far and dont let that nasty person take away all the hard work to date!!!!!!!!!

I am restarting on Monday, as I have been on holiday. I am sure it will be a shock, so lets do it together!! Sometimes it is good to have someone else going through the same thing, esp when we know what to expect with ketosis etc!

Hope you are ok and put down the chocs...wont solve anything at all, other than letting the pounds pile on and you really dont want to go there again! You have come too far to go down that road again.

Look forward to hearing how you are getting on.

Take care
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I suspect your colleague is jealous about how much you've already lost and is trying to scupper your current efforts.

You're doing this for you...you deserve to feel good for you. Ignore the comments...you can do it!!

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Don't worry what that disrespectful colleague said to you they are probably jealous of you for starters so in 1 ear an out of the other hun ...you have done fantastic so keep at it an you know what i can't wait until i am up there with everyone for there brilliant losses x.x.x

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