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feel so alone

Hi guys
Ive jus had the day from hell.....
firstly... ive jus split up with my bf of 3 yrs. Its a long story but basically hes wants to settle down and i dont. But part of me doin LT was for his benefit. I wanted to look nice for him.....but now it all seems so worthless. I so desperately want to comfort eat but im bein 100% strict with myself
Secondly...my best mate has jus announced thats shes goin on hol for 3 wks 2moro jus wen i needed her....now ive got no1. my family live in switzerland so ive got no1 to turn to...:cry:
Thirdly....the chemist ran outta saschets so gotta stick to bloody strawberry shakes grrrr..... my least fav. My day cant get any worse.
Sorry for the long story but atm ive got no1 else to talk to :cry:
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when i was on like.. day 14 or something.. i split up with my partner of nearly 3 years.. and it was hell.. and i admit that i slipped.. but god i felt sooo bad after.. it wasnt worth it.. because knowing that you're doing not just the best thing for you.. but your body.. is good.
Just keep on keeping on doll.. and it gets better.. it really does.. just take each day at a time..

if you ever need chat just PM me..

Cat x x
Hi pinkbaileys, I'm sorry to hear you're having a bad day hun. You're going to be fine ok. I know you said a part of you was doing this for your bf but you are also doing this for yourself right?! And don't give up, not now, not when you've come this far. Look at your Lb losses every week, they're an inspiration to us all.

You losing weight is a totally different thing to you being with your bf so although you may think you were doing this for him, you're not! You're doing it for yourself. Picture yourself in the long-term (when I say long I mean a few months... as that's all it takes with LT!!!), with or without your bf... you're going to look fabbb!!! And I am truely sorry to hear about you splitting up with him. But you do whatever you think is right with you ok?!!!

thank u all sooo much for ur replies....it helps avin a few words of advice. im so glad im on this forum cuz if i was goin alone i wud def ave cheated by now.
Ur rite....i can do this...with out my bf..i know it'll b hard but i got here myself and i can go the distance. first thing i shud i suppose is stop feelin sorry for myself!!!
u guys r so amazin!!


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Hi Gemma,

They do say everything comes in three's and it looks like you have had your three's:hug99:

Perhaps you started out doing this for your boyfriend as we all need to find motivation from somewhere to begin with...but now you can make this diet journey about you and for your health and own well being.

All the energy you had in loving your boyfriend you can put some of that investment into yourself now.

It is never easy splitting up and it will take time to get over the separation.

Sending love and hugs

Love Mini xxx


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gemma im so sorry your having such a crap day but things can only get better youve done so well so far it would be a shame to give up now and now you are doing it for you and your new life .Are there any other chemists close to you maybe they would let you exchange them or get your chemist to let you know when they have a delivery so you can swap GREAT BIG HUGS FROM ME TO YOU XX


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Gemma, keep strong, if you can get through today by doing so then you can achieve anything. You know there is always someone on this site to chat to if you're feeling low. Just by writing this thread you have gotten support in sackloads and will probably get loads more. Keep your chin up hun, xx
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First of all your not alone and secondly do this for you noone else.Hope you feel better soon.
Cheer up kiddo dont worry about anything except yourself, you have enough going on with this diet. I am available but dont tell TracyJ she will only give me greif:flowers:xx
Hi Gemma

I am so sorry that you are having a bad day and feeling down. You know we all have days like that sometimes. It must be upsetting to split with your BF, I know it hurts. Time will help with that and you just need to get through it. Also I think you need to focus on doing this for yourself, it will be worthit. Please don't give in and cheat cos I think you would regret it. Grit your teeth and keep going.
Im sure your friend will be there for you when she can but in the mean time you are not alone cos you have this forum with more friends than you canhandle!! There is always someone here to help or chat to. If you need to talk send me a PM. Sending you big hugs hun :)
gemma, sorry to hear your news, guess you are right about it all happening at the same time, hope you do carry on and we are all here for you. carry on with your diet and good luck hun. hugs and kisses.xx
Im so feel 4 ya right now but dont give up hun it will all be worth it in the end, just wait and see when you have reached your targert weight he'll come running back to ya!!!!!

Keep it up for yourself xxxx
Aww hun your day sounds awful, you are doing so well to stick to the diet at such a hard time. Dont worry about your friend going away, if you need to chat we are all here for you! Not sure about you borrowing Garry...ok go o the lol xxx


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Just wanted to send a ...:hug99: and a :patback: you are never alone!


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Big Hugs

Hi Gemma,
I am so sorry you are feeling low at the moment. I am only on my 3rd day and looking at how far you have come in such a short time is a real inspiration to me.
Remember how you felt each week as the weight loss added up and imagine how you are going to feel when you reach your goal.
And when you get there girly you put on your heels and you sassy on past that loser and let him see what he let go.
There's plenty more fish in the sea, he doesn't deserve you.:hug99:
Sweetheart, don't doubt yourself on this one. I've been watching your signature since I signed up and you are one of the people on here who inspire me to keep going. Maybe your bf is afraid of your changing figure and wanted to put the chain on the ankle to keep other roving eyes off you. Whatever his reasons, you may have had a slight motive to look better for him but I'm sure it's 99% for you. Last week was rubbish for me (just work wise) and I didnt grab a bottle of wine at the end of it, which is a first for me.
We will all be here for the 3 weeks your friend is away and then she can take over. It is worth it, you know it. You have to keep us newbies going? INSPIRE! BELIEVE! REALISE YOUR DREAM!
Loads of hugs comming your way.
thank u so much for all ur replies that ave really helped me get thru this difficult time. but i am pleased to say that i am now back with my bf. we managed to talk it thru. ave decided that i jus cant b without him. we jus had a really bad lovers tiff!!! thank u again everyone. u r all so wonderful. *big hugz*


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Sorry to hear you are having such a rough time but sometimes the worst of times ends up being the beginning of something good.

You are being so good, not wavering, stcking with your plan, brilliant. At the end of it all you will be the new person you really want to be and then you can start looking around for a new relationship - fresh start in every way.

Don;t be sad, we are all here for you!

Love and hugs

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