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Feelig a big bit downhearted :(


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don't give up!! think about how brilliant you're going to feel when you get on those scales and see a loss!

think about how wonderful it will be to look in the mirror and like what you see! or about how you'll feel when you go clothes shopping and pick up your normal size out of habit and find that it's too big!!

don't give up. stay on track and stay positive. at least until the end of your week - see how you feel after getting on those scales :) x
Hi why ? Ate you hungry or emotionally hungry?
Your start weight is near the same as mine was and in 3 months I've list 2 stone, so come September you'll be at least 2 stone lighter and near goal :)
Or you could be 1-2 stone heavier :(
what are you finding hard we could help you?xx


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Counting the points... my body wants chips chips chips and curry curry curry... :(
Lol Hun we all feel the same , honestly, last week I made a low fat curry and had chips with it, the great thing ww let's us, it's all about making healthier choices. Ww curry sauces I love em, tikka masala korma... 2 points 1/2 jar add 1/2 a chicken breast loads of free veg and a portion if rice a few oven chips and it's a big meal in your points(please excuse spelling my iPhone wants to be funny ;) ) I'm struggling thus week big time so know it's hard But remember how much you want this. Have what you crave in tour points :)) xx


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when i want lots of chips i weigh a raw potato 100g is 1pt i slice it into chips with the skin on and blast in mw for 5 mins to soften then onto a baking tray with some frylight spray onto them and some sea salt and cook in oven till golden.

and as for the curry tesco's do a value tin for 4p yes 4p lol and omg its to die for it's like the fruity style curry that fish and chip shops do and i think its only 4 points for a big tin so you'd only use 1 to 1.5 points on chips

so there you have curry and chips 4.5 points max



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Hi. I know how you feel. I really struggled on my first week. I think it takes a little while for your body to adjust and get used to this new way of eating. I am in my 5 th week and am not saying i don't have cravings as i do..i even have dreams about giant chocolate bars lol ! But is definately getting easier week by week. Please try and bear with it , i promise it will get easier. Try and eat as many of the foods on your filling foods list as possible as this really does help. Stick with it hun, you're in the best place for support , these guys are fab. xx


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S: 12st11lb C: 12st11lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 28 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
you can do it :) i bet your weigh in on sunday goes really well - that will give you the boost you need to carry on next week :) x


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I do hope I can do it xx
You can!! And there have been some brilliant suggestions of how to get chips and curry here :D:D

Stick with everyone here and we will support you to get where you want to be.

Isis x :)
Don't give up! Whatever you fancy there is always a way to have it! Why not look at your fav meals and work out points and alternatives ready for those days that you struggle.


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YOu can do it; don't give up! I have been struggling to stay motivated for the past couple of months, and have now got back in to WW completely, and the loss when it comes to weighing in soon makes your cravings go away, at least for a short time! As the other said above, you need to look at what it is your craving and find alternatives, and lower point versions! I used to be a big Indian food eater on a weekend, and when I worked out what I was eating it was about 60points a take away! I then changed to Chinese, and opted for a mushroom chow mein at 4.5pts! I still feel satisfied, and yes, of course I miss my Indian but, with a few little sweet treats like a crunchie at only 3.5pts, or munching on half a packet of meringues (my fave!) I feel like I have had a really naughty meal yet it's come in at less than 8pts! Stay with it hun, you will soon get in to it! :)


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How did it go??

Just think about buying some new Jodhpurs, or a new toggi tee in a smaller size! :D

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