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Working Solutions feelin frumpy :-(


Will be a skinny mini!


I can haz cake?
I did WS for a few days at the beginning but I'm finding TS suits me more now because I'm simply not hungry. Unless I have an intense session planned I haven't been eating food.

It's almost like there's a feeling of guilt in there. Like when one scoffs down something naughty, when infact its not. Your body is just used to so little, along with the ketosis. Suppose its a good sign, so if you can do TS safely, why not?

But do try and see the bigger picture, I'm sure if you are following the WS rules properly you aren't doing any harm xx


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hi mrs joyce, maybe try ws, and if you feel hungry you know you can have a small meal as you still lose weight on ws! im doing ws and have just enjoyed a ham and mushroom omelette, I think if i was doing ts i would be really hungry and cave in and have junk but plenty of people on here are doing great on ts. Just do what feels right for you, a mixture of some days ws and ts is also allowed. Good luck :) xx


Will be a skinny mini!
Yeah think Im going to miss the main meal out the next few days see how it gos if thanks girls x
hi mrs , i flitt between ws n ts i find ws easier , because of preparing a evening meal for the family , i have found that im eating less n less at meal times which is a definate bonus , ive lost 11lb in two weeks so im happy doing what im doing, n because im still cookin a meal at tea time i dont feel like im missing out or neglecting the kids ha ha xx good luck


Will be a skinny mini!
Hi guys its my 4th day on ts and am wi early tomorow so fingers crossed i have a loss available tested and Im in ketsois so that's a good start x

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