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Feeling a bit demotivated


Slimming down the aisle
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My name is Caroline and I'm a scale hopper.

Can I just now say to anyone who hasn't yet fallen to jumping on and off the scales, don't do it! I wish I had the power to just wait until WI, but I can't help it, I weigh in every day, sometimes twice. But generally each morning to see how I'm progressing.

Jumped on this morning 242.6 and I think great, that's 2lbs down from Monday night's WI... no, it's not, it's 1lb down. And I've only got 2 more days til weigh in. Last week I lost 4lbs, the week before 6lbs, so a 1-2lb week for me isn't good! But I've stuck to it. The only thing I can think of is that I've not been so good this week with drinking, and missing my 2nd CD pack, but then I was the same last week really, just drank a bit more on a couple of days cos found I was really thirsty!

I know, I know, you don't need to tell me, I have to drink more and make sure I have all the packs. I know that, but I can't seem to make myself do it! Going to try hard today, though it's going to be harder as I'm out most of the day and all me bars are gone! I'm tempted to just ask for 2 a day and see how I do with them. I don't seem to be very carb sensitive, so I might be ok!

Seeing such a small loss has demotivated me a bit. But I'm hoping I pick up again soon. Going to town to find birthday presents, I might have to go and get myself a pair of jeans the next size down and see how I do with them!
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Sunshine Singer

Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic
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Caroline stop it hun! Come on, you lost 10lbs in 2 weeks at the start of 1000 after a holiday!! STOP IT! A loss is a loss. Look at the bigger picture. Even if were to stay the same weight your body needs time to catch up. You've lost more on 1000 in 2 weeks than I've heard of!

And yes......you had a big loss last wek even tho you didn't have enough fluid and shakes but it catches up! Eat everything. Write your food plan down and tick off as you go. You'll see the weight fall off if you do.

Nice me says calmly ......... you are doing so well. Go and try your wardrobe on or something.

Big hugs xxx


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I feel your pain hun! I had a great first WI on Thursday and I've been 100% on SS. Unfortunately I've been on the scales every morning and in all honesty my weight hasn't really budged since the initial WI :( it truely is demotivating and I realise I have to stop doing it.

I just have to get round in my head that as long as I stick to this the weight will continue to drop off and one week it may not be much but it will eventually even out.

I'm definitely going to try and not scale hop from now and hopefully not be too obsessed about it. Instead use inch loss and how my clothes are fitting as a better indicator to my progress.

You've done great so far so keep up the good work!

Best of luck!


is going to loose!
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It is true the scales and seeing a smaller number than the day before brings a smile to our face...... however, there will be days that things will change;
lack of water the day before,
having too little packs (yes!!)
having too many packs
deviating and sneaking in food
having exercised or not
pre TOM
not having been to the toilet before weighing
eating breakfast before weighing
weighing at a different time of the day....

true though.... Caroline you have lost a great amount in 2 weeks and generally as a golden rule things slow down after week 2. As already mentioned the body needs to catch up. Perhaps try measuring everyday instead? Problem is we all want to be thin now and when we focus too much on this we set ourselves up for disappointment. Hun, try and take each day as it comes and eat to the plan. You will loose on 1000 and well! A few years back I calorie counted 1000 a day and over 7 weeks I lost 8 kilos and kept it off for 2 years before work got in the way of my exercise and it slowly crept back on.




is on a mission......!
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check out my week 3 STS on SS????????

Facts are facts girlies - as we remove fat cells, which are broken down with the aid of glorious water (thats how they are expelled from the body) the fat cells are replaced by water, this dispells whenever it bloodywell chooses to, we do not have much control over this, other than increasin exercise!
Dropping a pack will not help, and as some one posted earlier a loss is a loss, each week will vary!
I know how quickly you want this BUT if you were dieting conventionally you would have plenty of STS weeks as well as 1/2lb losses - so 2lbs 1 week and 3 or 4 the next equates to nearly half a stone in a fortnight!
Carry on doing wat you're doin - you'll get there Chick xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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Scale hopping is soo addictive, hon - but I have seen my weight fluctuate by as much as 4lbs in a day, so it is also unreliable! You need to remember that the only figure that counts is the one you get on weigh in day at your CDCs!
Also, water makes a huge difference, so if you do nothing else, drink loads over the weekend - and remember you still have two days to go to next weigh in!
Finally, the sclaes won't show your inch loss - on the weeks I haven't lost as much as I wanted to, the inch losses have still been there - and I know what I would rather have!
Go and get some new jeans - you might be surprised at how they fit!

Ellie xx


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My name is Molly and i'm a scale hopper!
Every morning at the very least. I'm following (trying) WW at the moment and yesterdays WI i lost 2lbs. Had a very impromptu meal out last night, after having had tea(!) and weighed this morning 5lbs heavier. OMG, i'm gutted. Will have to drink bucketloads of water today.
You have had fantastic losses so far and it is very normal to have a low loss some weeks. If you hold something that weighs 'only' a lb its still a fair old weight.
Dont lose heart and keep up the good work.


peeling off the layers
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I am always on the scales, although I think I need some new one, have had differences of 2stone!!!!!!!!!!!:cry: in the space of 1 hours!!!!!!!! Even I realise that cant be right.:jelous:
Waiting to head for my WI in about an hour! :confused:dreading it as my scales say I've put on 3/4 stone this week!:mad:
Think I better look out my lightest trousers, flip flops and t shirt.:p

Fingers crossed, must try to think positive.:fingerscrossed:


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I get on the scales every morning and it is great when you see a loss......but our bodies just don't work at losing weight daily to our order.......in past weigh ins my weight came off mostly on a last minute basis, the day before weigh in. You are driving yourself nuts doing this, try and wean your self off? I know I know......it is easy to say ...hard to do but you risk getting so demoralized every that you will go off plan. try and hold off just for a day to start with? Best wishes, go easy with yourself you have done so well.


can see the end in sight!
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aw caro, don't get disheartened, you are doing so well. You have lost 10lbs in 2 weeks, even if you lose 2 this week you have lost what your CDC said you would.

Scales are the devil, mine are only showing a loss of 1.2 lbs since Tuesday which is p1ssing me off, but it's my totm and I usually lose more from Sunday to Tuesday anyway. I'm going to try to ignore them, I just really want to get into the 12's, the 13's have been haunting me for ages! It's frustrating but you know you will get there if you follow the plan. It can't not work, and your losses have been fab, especially as you are on 1000. Good luck and keep your chin up


Slimming down the aisle
S: 19st1.5lb C: 18st6.8lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st8.7lb(3.25%)
I've actually had a pretty good day and managed to completely ignore the scale reading from this morning. I've decided that I'm going to try and not jump on the scales at all, only just before I go to see my CDC so I know what to expect! I think it is just a slow week, probably not helped by my lack of drinking and packs! On the plus side though, I've managed to get in a fair bit of exercise, so I'm happy with that. I just sometimes wish it would all hurry up a bit more! But I'm pleased with how things are going, and I just have to keep reminding myself of that! Thanks for all your support, kind words and kicks up the bum, I need and appreciate them all!!! xxx
S: 16st13lb C: 14st6lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 33.6 Loss: 2st7lb(14.77%)
Hey caroline, I think you might have started a weighers anoymous!

I do weigh myself everyday. Sometimes when it gets too much the scales get put away... even did the roofspace once hehe.

The best judge even on a STS is to try on clothes inches are so much more indicative than pesky scales.

Go on give it a go and hey you'll even be burning calories doing it!

So glad you didn't let it ruin your day.... that could have been disastrous.... power to ya girl


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My name is Nicola and I am a scale-aholic!
I'll admit I weigh myself every morning and every evening when I get home from work. On good days it puts a spring in my step, and on bad days it puts a black cloud over my head!

The weird thing is that the difference between my scales and my CDC's scales keeps changing! At first mine read 4lbs heavier, then it changed to 7lbs heavier, and this week it was only 2lbs heavier (I had been expecting a good loss and ended up with only 1.4lbs according to my CDC's scales :( )

So I've moved my scales to my bedroom where I know I won't ever have to move them, and have placed them on some wood so they have a good hard surface to work on (I know, the better option would be to bin them, but I'm not ready for an intervention yet, heh).

Here's to hoping that they're more accurate in future. I know, I'm a helpless case ;)


Slimming down the aisle
S: 19st1.5lb C: 18st6.8lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st8.7lb(3.25%)
I know mine used to constantly do different readings, so it needs to be on a flat, hard surface. I move mine but put it in pretty much the same place. But I still have to turn it on, climb on, then off, let it calibrate and then weigh myself, otherwise my reading isn't accurate! My scales and my CDCs scales seem to weigh me at exactly the same which is nice, means I know what to expect! I don't expect much of a loss this week, but it'll be ok, because I'm expecting it, and I can tell her that, rather than us both being like oh...

I'm going to stop weighing so much though! That said, I do want to go weigh myself now! I might to stick to just every morning. I think though I'm going to try next week not to at all other than just before I go to see my CDC.


Slimming down the aisle
S: 19st1.5lb C: 18st6.8lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st8.7lb(3.25%)
Yup, I really should just stay away from the scales!! I'm reading at 243.5lbs which is exactly what I was last week. Going for WI tomorrow evening, so I think the best I can hope for is a STS this week. Not sure if I've lost anything or much on measurements, I guess we'll see tomorrow won't we.


is going to loose!
S: 83kg C: 80.8kg G: 72kg BMI: 27.9 Loss: 2.2kg(2.68%)
Yep just keep off them next week and I'm sure you will have a lovely surprise. Sometimes thinking about loosing I reckons hinders our body's as we become worried and stressed instead of just letting it happen.

Well done on the exercise and keep guzzling the water hun and it will show!


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