Feeling a bit down now

I spent the majority of last week in hospital as I have a kidney stone. It will be blasted as soon as I see the
consultant.....fortunately I can go privately as we have medical insurance.

I managed to put on 4 pounds in hospital as I had to eat
food as I was on strong painkillers as I will be for the next

I thought I would be able to go back onto sole source as soon as I was well again but another councellor (not my one) said I would have to wait 3 months.

I was really wanting to drop the 33 lbs I still have to go before xmas but this does not look like it will happen.


Hi Gilly

Just because you can't SS doesn't mean you can't follow 790 or 1000, each of which would help you shift some plans. Talk to your CDC and see what s/he says :)
Aww Gilly. Sorry to hear you've been poorly.

Are you doing Cambridge? There are a number of alternatives to SSing if you feel up to it.

The most important thing is that you give your body a chance to recover by taking it easy and eating healthily

Take care of yourself. Hugs

Don't get too upset about it hunny. I have had a kidney stone in the past and can sympathise with you as I know how painful they are :(

I would imagine that you will feel wonderful after having it blasted but your kidney will need time to recover. Thing is, we can't see what's going on inside our bodies!!!!

I agree with the others, do 790 or something and you'll still lose weight but your body will get the recovery time it needs too :)

Hope you feel better soon xxx
Thanks everyone.

I agree with the part about not knowing what is going on in my body and needing to recover.

This counsellor says I cant do any of the programmes for 3 months but my CDC is going to contact the CD medical advisor on monday to see what they suggest.

At least I have lost 19 lbs and can fit into my size 14s.

I think I am down as I was doing so well and I so wanted to look better before starting to teach in september.

Hi Gilly,

It was me who posted on DH in response to you.

As you have had stent fitted and are awaiting further op you would not be able to follow any of the CD programmes until 3 months after the final procedure.

You said on DH that you had stent fitted from your kidney to your bladder as a temporary measure?

As CD has a diuretic effect it would not be good to use plus you need extra protein to heal.

As I said in other thread use your yellow book and follow the GI information for 1500 cals.

It is unfortunate that CD programmes cannot be used if you have had surgery within three months.

Additionally you cannot use CD prior to surgery as it can change the viscosity of your blood.

As I said speak to your CDC about this.

Keep your chin up it important to get yourself well first.

Yep...I totally agree with Linda, JamesMummy! The important thing here is to get yourself well enough after your final procedure so that you can approach your new lifestyle with gusto and ensure long lasting results....:)

Good luck JM and, honestly, relaxation is the key here...take this time out from CD to really get to the root of how you became overweight in the first place. By the time you are ready to do CD again, you'll sail through because you will have already identified your issues and be in a position to deal with them....

Another alternative JM whilst waiting for your ops is that you can follow the Paul McKenna I Can Make you Thin programme. Have you got his book? It's a brilliant, short read and has a CD at the back which, if you listen to everyday you will see some great differences in your whole approach and attitude towards food....definitely an option worth exploring....:)