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feeling a bit down

ok i thought i would post on here as i am feeling a bit down in the dumps at the minute my oh is just making me a vanilla mouse my head is hurting and my oh and the kids have one of my favorite meals for dinner is it right to feel like i want to eat with them?
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Of course you'll still feel like you want to eat with them... but what do you want more? To eat with them or to feel fabulous in your own skin?

The answer to that question is usually enough to spur you on to do the right thing...
thank you rainbowbrite i am thinking i might just go for a bath whist they are eatting but also hoping once i eatten my mouse i will feel better. xxxx
thank you i will take ya advise. xx
Sounds like a plan! Lots of pampering and 'you' time helps in the first week. Good luck hun!
thank you nicki means a lot
Madhouse mum

Hey honey, i am your sister. Today is day 5 for me and i am in bits. yesterday i was sick and miserable and so tired. Today im a bag of tears and dont want to keep at it. Something inside is keeping me going. I sat through a family meal last night and breakfast this morning as we have relations over. I cant imagine how i can do this for a month or two and i dont have the answer but i reckon we owe it to ourselves to at least see it to weigh in day and trust that the first few days are bad withdrawals to all the crap wev been eating for years!

Chin up xx
thank you newlifenow i think we defo have to do it and with all the surport in this group and the surport i get at home from everyone is great. well i am on day 3 you on day 5 lets work this together!
I feel so much better since logging on here a few mins ago, mad isnt it?!!
Well my starting weight is 6 pounds more than yours 13.13, so we are in the same boat! We can do this......x
we sure can newlifenow and we will do it together what day is your weigh in hun?


I will do this!!!
Im on my 2nd week and the first week was hell. i had headaches, aches and pains and i couldn't stand the smell of food coz it was sooooo good. Now a mear 5 days later im cooking food for other people, all my pains have gone and i feel great. The way i look at it is what would i rather to eat okish tasting food or lose weight and feel the best iv ever felt then really enjoy the food ill be eating. Oh and hot bubble baths really helped too. Hope you feel better soon :)
on Monday! you?

Pizzle84, thank you im truely having an awful too days, weak as a kitten and bad mood, sick feeling everywhere. Please God ill be able to share your view next week!
thank you pixie and wtg for your first weigh in 10lb i bet you was so happy.

newlifenow mine is on thursday and feels likes weeks away hehe i will keep my fingers crossed for you hun but i am sure you wont need it at all! also you getting your first weigh in i going to courage me along hehe. how old are you hun


I will do this!!!
Oh you will ill bet anything on it. If it hadn't been for the people on this forum i would have definatly quit on day 2! Now im on day 11 and iv lost a stone and i feel so good. IT WILL GET BETTER :)
on Monday! you?

Pizzle84, thank you im truely having an awful too days, weak as a kitten and bad mood, sick feeling everywhere. Please God ill be able to share your view next week!
you will get through this hun and it will all be worth it in the end. i have just wrote on before and after thread and that helped me i am going to try and work out how to put it in a blog so when i feeling rough i can see why i am doing it all and know that in the end i will be HAPPY!!
I am 25 years old. Since i was 18 i was 12 stone which i could live with, it never bothered me. Returning from a years drinking and partying in Oz i started Weightwatchers at 14.2. confidence went out the window. I have lost 1.5 stone and regained 3 times this year. Worked my ass off but it never seem enough Hiting a wall everytime the 21lbs came off, i suppose feeling good and letting the hair down.
So i have thought about this Lipotrim for 3 months and started last Tuesday. I am constantly thinking about my weight, to be honest it has taken over. I do alot of personal development etc yet i cant concur the whole thing so the weight is coming off and i want to enjoy life and not feel like im being held back constantly. My friend has lost 6 stone in 18 weeks, shes like a different girl and a true inspiration. Its all in the head, it can be done if you put determination in it. (Provided that the state im in now doesnt last and pizzle84 is right!!)
wtg to your friend i am not surprised your friend is a different person. well i am hoping i will be at my goal weight for xmas cos all the meals i am missing out on i really dont wanna miss out on me roast turkey dinner!!
diets dont apply on Christmas Day, that is law, i dont care what anyone says!!!!! There is no fear of me sitting with a smelly lipotrim Shake while the family are stuffing their face

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