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Feeling a bit lost, need some advice, and looking for weight loss buddies

I have been overweight pretty much all my 20 years of life. It hurt getting bullied because of that, and I think it made me avoid people a lot, and be very different to my peers. I always had more mature attitudes and interests etc. didn't like what typical kids and teenagers did.

Combined with everything, I have ended having problems with anxiety, depression, and so on. Something happened that has allowed me to see myself better, and has allowed me to hit back at the depression and anxiety, and feeling so positive, I am ready to take on my weight issues.

Thing is I sometimes feel such a lack of willpower and motivation. You all know how it is.

So, willpower, motivation, and hopefully ( fingers crossed) a weight loss buddy (or buddies) will come from this thread.

I almost used to be ashamed of trying to lose weight, as though I was saying I am fat look at me trying in futility to be better. Now I realise I can't be ashamed of the way I am now, or how I want to change, or how I will be.

just willpower and support :)
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Hello and well done on coping with the depression/anxiety you've gone through - I'm sure a lot of us here can empathise with that, we've been there. You seem to have a very mature attitude and I'm sure you'll do great once you settle on an eating plan that suits you long term.

You can get a good idea of the options available just by looking at the different sections of Minimins. It's really going to come down to your personal priorities, I think - for me, I'd long gone past the point where I even cared about losing weight quickly, ie with calorie/points counting which I'd tried on and off for years. That kind of dieting left me with a chronic bingeing problem and 10st in excess weight.

I desperately wanted to just be able to eat properly and healthily, without going hungry, because I think it was being hungry on controlled diets that led me into a bingeing habit. I decided to give the Slimming World plan a go, not believing I would actually lose weight on it, but recognising that it seemed to be about healthy eating. That was a year ago and it has completely transformed my whole attitude to eating - basically it taught me how to eat properly and healthily for the first time in my life, and let me form new habits, which is the key to longterm weight loss. I also lost 3st within 3 months! I've since lost another 4st, and am now so confident in the way I eat that I no longer consider myself a 'dieter', I just eat healthily using the blueprint provided by the SW plan, and some common sense adjustments to suit the fact that I'm now a vegan, for instance.

There's a SW board on Minimins if you want to have a look around it and see if the plan might suit you, the members there are very helpful on the whole and will be able to advise you on the basics of the plan.

Good luck and let us know how you get on! :)
Well done on taking the first step - never feel ashamed of trying to improve your life. You can do this, and whats more you will enjoy it and feeling healthier will certainly help you to continue to feel positive. Best of luck!

PS IM doing SW too and really enjoying it!
Hi well done for you to make this first step I understand how you have felt all these years with your weight as I my self have been in the same boat I've been going to SW now for just over 2 years when I'm in the group each week I get so much support from all my fellow members which is just wonderful I like to think of them as new friends I have made on this long journey so far I have lost 4st 7 pounds to date it is a complete change off life it just amazes me how much food we can eat and loose as well in the group we have taster nights so on your group night we all bring some think we have cooked which is from red /green E/E and it may be low syns or totally free and these are a great time you can find some good ideas from them and we can share all this and talk about any problems we get from time to time a problem shared is a problem halved.
And any time you need to talk I will be there for you if I can help

I really identify with your situation. I have been overweight as long as I can remember too and was bullied at school. It has affected my whole life. I also suffer with very bad anxiety although this year I have finally visited my gp and a mental health worker who has helped me enormously. I have done things I never thought I would do (I used to hate leaving the housse) and although I still have a long way to go there is now light at the end of the tunnel. Good luck with your weight loss. I started slimming world 4 weeks ago and I'm feeling much better about myself already. Feel free to chat any time, the more support the better. xx
Hey its great that you have been able to hit back at the depression and anxiety and have decided to start losing weight.
I suffer from depression and anxiety and also struggle with weight loss as I find it hard to stay motivated.
It looks like we have about the same ammount of weight to lose. If you are wanting a diet buddy then feel free to email me [email protected] and we can chat.
I have been going to the gym since June of this year,thats the easy part for me,its the diet that I cant stick to!
Claire x

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