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feeling a little low :(

its my 3rd day and i feel depressed, i dont know wether its lack of food or not, but i feel so impatient! i got on the scales earlier and im still dead on 10 stone! i feel like im going to get no where! i feel like starving myself to be honest! i have an exercise dvd but got no motivation to do it!

heres what ive ate so far pls tell me if im going wrong anywhere...

1 skinless grilled chicken portion
1 jacket potato
bit of grated cheese

1 skinless grilled chicken portion
1 jacket potato
ryvita with lite cheese spread
bean toastie with no butter(i felt so bad afterwards)

1 skinless grilled chicken portion
whole meal pasta
low fat pasta sauce
3 pieces of wholemeal toast with lite cheese spread!

im going to next weigh myself monday, i hope i lose something :(
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Hi stacey :)

Sorry you're feeling down hun. I can't see anything wrong with what you are eating but I'm no expert.

Can I just ask though....how often are you getting on the scales? You say you just got on them again tonight?

Just wondering if maybe you are only using the scales to dictate to you whether you should feel positive and motivated or negative and fed up?

Hope you don't mind me asking :)
stay away from those pesky scales.... EXCEPT on WI day !!!

they only ever tell half the story - get measuring those inches instead....:)

weight fluctuates daily for everyone - even skinny minnies !!! - water, fluid retention, totm, constipation etc etc blah blah blah....can all affect the scales

inch-loss all the way girl !!!!

Debz xx
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first time i used scales since monday! im not going to use them again now until its been a week which is monday! thinking about it, i did drink a glass of water before i got on scales!


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Hang on...is that ALL you're eating? No breakfast, lunch etc? If so you're going to make yourself ill!
And the other posters are right- if daily weigh-ins are going to depress you- stay away from the scales until wi day! My wieght is consistently 4lbs heavier at night than when I weigh in the morning- but I know this is normal so it doesn't annoy me. If you can't stay away from them, then know that your weight will flucutuate from day to day.


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Geez Stacey, you aren't eating nearly enough! No wonder you have no motivation for exercise, I'm surprised you are even getting out of bed! You won't lose weight like that cus your body is most likely in starvation mode and is storing all the fat cus it doesn't know when it will next get food.
Stacey, why not look at www.Weightlossresources.co.uk this will really help you, you need to eat a balanced diet, and at the moment, your choices are wise but you need more of the good stuff from fruit and veg to get that metabolism going and also to get the feel good factor as well as pulses and good fats.

Lock the scales away for 1 week, weigh in a orning after a wee at all times, and above all, relax and be happy x
Looks like you aren't eating enough hun. You shouldn't feel starved with any diet.

hugs though, it does feel demoralising when the scales don't move

Charlie xx
it is important to have 3 meals a day, it can be dipressing looking at the scales..I weighed myself two days in a row and it kept reading me at different weights then i did an experiment i drank 2 and half glasses of water b4 i got on the scales and i was a couple of pounds heavier. also i seem to loose only a pound a week even though i go to the gym most days and burn 500 calories each time...but if it takes me another three months to lose a stone then so be it.

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