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feeling a little nervous


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This might sound weird ...

My CDC is away for our meeting next week.
so after tomorrow i wont see her for 2 weeks.

i kinda feel knowing i have x days to see her keeps me on track and focused.

recently i have got alot of compliments, saying i look good, being half way to target and CDC being away are a recipe for disaster when it comes to me!

i got a txt from her reminding me to give her an order for two weeks which she will drop off tomoro. just gave me a nervous feeling.

maybe i need to drink more water lol seems to be the answer to all CD issues. :confused:
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I`m here to keep you on the straight and narrow ;)

I know what you mean a little bit. I`m missing this weeks WI as I`ll (hopefully) be in London and it worries me not having an official WI and seeing her.

You CAN do this! Xxxxx


Gone fishing
Nah, that doesn't sound weird. It's really common for people to be either concerned they may go off track when their CWPC goes away, or looking forward to them going away as an excuse for going off track :eek: It's true.

I think you have to keep reminding yourself why you are doing this and who you are doing it for. To please your CWPC or to get her approval, or not to lose face....or because you want to lose weight?

Don't lose sight of that reason.

As for people telling you that you look good. Yes that's another tricky one. I'm sure you look fab, but you can't always trust people. You have your hair done and they say it looks good. Hey, even I say people hair looks good when they've had it down regardless :eek: People are nice like that.

Another thing that happens is people compare to how we looked before. So they remember the bigger you and now see a version that looks much better.

You wait until they see the finished article ;) Keep on trucking:)


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yeah i went for a walk after posting this as i was starting to think about it to much.

i'm thinking about it differently now.
that in two weeks on my next WI i'll be in the 11's... my next mini goal.

and thats what i have to remind myself.

KD your rite about ppl being nice cos they can see you have lost weight, not because u actually look good lol.
i have choose my weight goal as i think it will make me roughly a dress size 12/14, and im going to keep going until i get there, regardless of how ppl think i look.
i want to look the way I want to look.


Gone fishing
KD your rite about ppl being nice cos they can see you have lost weight, not because u actually look good lol.
LOL. Didn't quite mean it that way :D It is a difficult one for others too. Friend loses weight, you say how fab they look, they think you mean you looked awful before...etc.etc.

I believe people have catagories in which they place others.

This is a big person
This is a very big person
This is a person who is a bit overweight
This is a 'normal' sized person
This is a skinny person.

When someone switches from one sort of catagory to another, it can confuse folk.

Big people go from being big, to less than big...but often don't shift into the 'bit overweight' line. If you do, you can get very strange comments..."you've lost enough now...you look brill now...you don't want to lose any more"

People started saying this to me when I was 15 stone:rolleyes:

When I got into the 'normal' catagory, I remember a lovely lady who wouldn't dream of saying anything to offend say "you don't want to lose any more...you'll be the same size as us!:eek:" Too which I replied "Do you have a problem with that?" and we all laughed. She really didn't mean it the way it came out, but it really got me thinking. It was difficult for them to grasp what I was aiming for. I don't think big weight losses, and so fast are common in my neck of the woods. Took them a while to get their heads around it.


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I understand what u mean, just not as good as explaining myself as u!

Just tried on my 'hen do' dress (its in 3weeks) and its still a little snug.

Altho it has reminded me why I'm doing this, cos I want to look "how I want to look".
I wana look nice in the dress, how nice is in my head, not when other ppl I say nice.

I know I can stick to it, I have done it before! For my cousins wedding... So I should bloomin well do it for myself
This time!!!!!


Mad as a Hatter
I think if you can do this without your CDC being here, then that would be such a big result for you...

I know what you mean about having the 'threat' of your CD visit keeping you on the straight and narrow - it does for me - but this time when I have restarted, I am not seeing my CDC for 2 weeks - that way I will deffo be in ketosis and 'hopefully' will have registered a big enough loss for me to stay motivated...

You can do this hunni
well you can do it ...all the positive talk on this thread is very good reason to do it. KD you are fab you know, you say all the right stuff, you know how we all tick.

The hen do dress and the getting in tot he 11s will keep you on track preetone. why dont you still record your weight on your usual WI day ...thats what I do if I havent seen my CDC, our scales are similar so whatever I weigh in at home is never too far off.


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good idea! i will weigh myself next tuesday as well. my scales are not the same as CDC however as long as my scales say 11's ill be happy! i want to be in the 11s in 7 days time and that way when i see her next it will be a big minus number to record on my card! haha, silly things make me happy :)

seeing CDC in a few hours... hope i got a big loss this week, as i have tried really hard, over dosed on water lots of exercise :)
i lost 5 lbs! yeppie

motivated now. 4lbs to my mini goal of being in the 11s. im going to do it for next tuesday. this time next week i will be telling you how i have met my mini 11s goal!
Wooop Wooop! Well done hun!! :D

You WILL be in the 11s by next week! ;) Xxx
thanks SacredSilence, was going to FB message you after i went for my walk, but ur on minis way to much!

i love it, i even have a quick read while im at work :)
Haha! It`s cos I have nooooooooo life!!!

Sposed to be off to London tomoz - Looking like it`s gonna pee down on me all night :rolleyes: xxxX


Mad as a Hatter
Well done on the WI - knew that you could do it - just think how good you will feel next week when you are in the 11s..

I weighed myself the morning I started and my scales are exactly the same as my CWPs - this morning they are showing 6lbs down since Monday - yayyyyy


Like to giggle
Well done! :D that's a great loss!! Yep! Looking forward to hearing when you've reached your mini goal!! :D xxx

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