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feeling annoyed :(

Im annoyed i didnt budget for my LT and stressed out cos apart from generally giving up.. the last time i did LT the money element did come into it.
My pharmasist probably thinks im a freak as i did it for 2 weeks last time then didnt come back for 6 then this time 1 week and now i wont be going back next week either. After a long discusion with everyone i know practically, i decided i could not possibly afford the shakes this week. Its 45 pound here in belfast and although that doesnt sound much it kinda is to me as im poor! I have decided to follow the refeed thingy with the few shakes i have for a week until i have the money to keep it up.. and i realise i have to save in order to afford to stay on LT for the future and i really intend to.
Im very annoyed as I really didnt want to give up and its in no way that I want to eat something.. i just have no other option and thats wats bothering me. :(:(
So thas why am sad and just thought i'd share that :(
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a new way of living!
you can buy maintenance shakes from LT direct, they are £11 for each 7, and you need 2 per day (£22 pw) and have one meal a day. dont know if that would be a cheaper long term option or not? then your body wouldn't be going in and out of ketosis every couple of weeks.
Aww Hun, so sorry you're skint. I completely understand. I have a daughter who has graduated and can't get proper graduate type work, we're still bailing her out with an allowance each month to make up her money a bit.
I also remember when I was a Student nurse, being so skint, I took a load of lemonade bottles that were being thrown away from the ward, and took them back to the shop to get the deposit back! (in those days you used to get about todays equivalent of 10p per bottle) Then I could buy myself some food! (no wonder I was size 12 then!)
The very best of luck to you, you deserve it, trying to fund yourself through studies.
I cannot believe a Labour government introduced course fees, shame on them.
Sending big hugs Hun, try not to feel too down. xxxx
its mainly just for this week and i had bills to pay off, i think it'll be fine from now on and thats y i came to that conclusion.. can i do that refeed thing for 1 week them go straight into the tfr?
I think you can, my friend is doing just that coz she's got a really big wedding to go to on Saturday, so is refeeding all this week, going to wedding then back on TFR on Sunday. Good luck Babe. xx
thanx for ur posts.. :D i'll stick with the refeed thing then, i'll be back on lt next week xx
what about doing slimfast for the week you are skint, no?
Hi Missy3, my mum gets her LT on prescription from the doctor, so its at a very reduced price....mind you she is super morbidly obese...maybe its worth talking to your doctor? Afterall we are saving the NHS the cost of diabetes, heart attacks in the future...

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