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Feeling cold

Yes feeling cold is definitely a common symptom I'm afraid. A nice warm bath usually helps me :)
I had that the worst when i first went into ketosis! my arms were FREEZIng every evening! warm baths & extra layers help! least we arent doing LT in the winter lol!
It's normal plus the layers that were keeping you warm are melting away!! lol!!

I'm freezing right now as some1 in here has the air con on but I'm gonna put it off in a few minutes!!
Take it as a sigh that your losing your insulation layer! lol Thats what I always think. Although work colleagues may be getting fed up of me putting the extra heating on as they melt!
I'm freezing too! Don't worry its very common :) 1st September and the uggs are out!
I get the chills a lot too since starting. Am glad there's a radiator right behind my chair in work!
I find that a nice hot cup of tea does the trick (fennel is my tea of choice these days as I can't bear the regular without milk waaah!)

x S
great, i'm normal then too..So it is okay to start wearing thermals and boiling yourself in the bath in august!
I get quite cold too it's normal on this diet so I have been told , I get the quit on a night lol on the sofa :0)
OMG I am so sick of being cold my hands are like ice blocks constantly arrrrrraghhhh
You will be fine usually wears off after a few weeks I find I also get hot though as well can't win :0)

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