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Feeling Completely Rubbish (slightly less rubbish today)

Sunshine Singer

Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic
Arg! I'm due on any day and litterally climbing the walls! I feel irritated and cranky. I'm wondering when this dull time is going to end. I've stayed the same weight for over 2 weeks and it's driving me mad. Getting really, really frustrated now. All I can think about is eating sweets and crap I don't need. I'm not going to give in but I seriously feel like punching some one! :) (I won't of course! )

Wasn't very well yesterday and ended up being in bed at 8pm and sleeping 11 hours. I tell myself over and over to stick with it, that my body is adjusting to its new weight but my patience is running out. I purposly didn't move from 810 to 1000 so my weight loss wouldn't stall and it has anyway!!!!

I see all the positives and I'm pleased to have lost what I have but I'm 9.5lbs off goal. It feels a million miles away at this rate. Why has it got so hard? I loved the first 7 weeks so much.

I'm def Winter Singer tonight. No Sunshine in the house here :)

Rant, rant, rant, blah, angry, blah :)
Scream lol
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Mad as a Hatter
I know what you mean.... I have just had to walk into the other room to get away from OH and his homemade Pork Stirfry... I so want a glass of wine and a takeaway, but I have just made my 3rd shake and come on here to distract myself.... I could kill for food... I was nearly ready to text my CDC and cancel my next appointment...why oh why ....


Excited about the new me!
Hello sunshine hunni. Bless you, don't feel sad, you've done sooo well and it may be that you need to increase you cals to the 810 just for a week to start to see if it kick starts again. A few other CD friends on here have STS for a few weeks, and seemed that having something to eat, kicked it again, they were on ss. So it might be that as you have lost lots (try saying that fast), your body needs more cals to loose. I'm not sure of what the science is around that, but I do know that upping plans does the trick!

Just keep in mind about how much you have lost, because thats the amazing part :party0049:

Ask KD, she always gives good advice.. Lots of hugs. xxxxx


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Aww poor Sunshine, who is always an inspiration to everyone else. I know you wont give in your too determined.
Maybe because your TOTM is due that is making you feel so miserable. I always crave sweet things when I'm due.
Keep strong hun sending hugs for you
C'mon chickadee, look at what you've done, you're a ruddy superstar, and you got me posting agin!!!!

Its just one of those horrid days where you need to shout and scream, but it'll be over soon, remember last week when I wanted to kill DH and then 2 hours later I was smashing, well thats what you are going through.

Bed and a good book for you I reckon. Then a re evaluation when you are feeling better, maybe your body is telling you to move to 810, maybe its not, but dont do anything now, take some time and then we'll re asses when you feel better x
Sunshineyone, you could be my twin right now.......! Ive just ordered shedloads of evening primrose and vitamin b6 so hopefully that will make a difference next month....xxxx

Sunshine Singer

Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic
Thanks for your lovely posts peeps.

One way to take your mind off eating is having a massive screaming match with your other half!!!!!!! while on your way to bed. It certainly stopped me from thinking about eating that's for sure. It has however left me feeling sick as he refuses to resolve it and is now asleep and has left me feeling pretty upset. Men!!!! (sorry not all men just some!)

Well this has turned out to be an awful day all round. He's never around as he works around the clock and the one day he has off we argued most of it ending with a screaming match. Wonderful!

I have a mix of CD struggle, ill, TOTM, too busy too keep up, stressed... the list goes on!!! Please let me wake up my usual self that isn't full of anger and frustration.

To anyone new reading this..... i'm not usualy like this..... I;m a happy thing normally..... so please excuse my outburst xxx

Sunshine Singer

Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic
Ps..... next time i'll go to bed as early as poss to avoid all the above but after 11 hours of sleep last night i wanted to make the most of the nightx


Stubborn tortoise
Honey, hope today is better for you. If it's any consolation, I had two weeks sts on 810, a couple of times, both times followed by a whoosh. It will deffy be totm sticking a spanner in the works. Stay strong and hang on in there.

As for men... know what you mean. They seem not to know how to say sorry, mine can sulk for Scotland. Whereas I shout or argue & then feel like the anger is over - he hangs on to his. Sigh. Today's a new start sunshine, hope you find your summer self again. Hugs.


Sunshine Singer

Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic
Thanks Dragonfly and Katycakes,

Glad i'm not the only one with a man who sulks and doesn't know how to say sorry :)

It is a new day and my weekend starts tonight so I can't wait for that. Good to know that others have stayed the same on 810 and then had a big loss...... my fingers are crossed for that. I knew this path wouldn't be easy all along but when you see the lbs dropping off it's a huge motivation however your feeling. But i know that it's not everything and to just keep going.

Foosey, thanks honey. Really sweet comment from you xxx

Furrysmudge... oh dear.. you too! Nightmare sometimes. Hope you're okay xxx

Madferrett, well done for hanging in there last night. sometimes it can be very hard. At least you had your shake still to have. that was well worked out :)

Eternal..... thanks hun as always xxx

Canireallydothis.... thanks for your support and wize words xxx i'm not bouncing off tne celings yet tho :)

Hope you all have a good day. I'm off to work but my day has just turned into a lighter load thank goodness. I need some me time later xxx

Have a good one and thanks to you all again xxx


Slimming down the aisle
Hey sunshine, know how you feel, this diet can be hard work sometimes! But, if you think about it at the moment you're retaining water, next week you'll probably see a big whoosh as you lose that and what you lose this week too!

I'm due my period soon so it'll most likely affect my next WI which is a bit annoying as it's my first one on the 1000 step, so I want to see how my body deals with it.

Sunshine Singer

Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic
Hi Caroline hun,

Thanks for your post. I hope what you say happens altho it hasn't happened to me before after totm. I don't know why i'm feeling so unpatient..... weird!

Your 1000 plan sounds like it's fun. Hopefully i'll lose that 9.5lbs and be on the 1000 soon enough. I still enjoy 810 even tho it's not been too kind to me this last few weeks :)

take care and keep up the good work x


Slimming down the aisle
Shouldn't you be moving up the plans now anyway? Otherwise you'll keep losing and go below your goal possibly. Also, maybe you're finding that you're not losing because you need to go up a plan. Maybe try 1000 next week and see how you do?
Hey Sunshine, just seen this and wanted to send you a hug.
It's so hard sometimes, but as long as you're not putting on you will get there! You're a skinny mini already :)
It won't take long in the grand scheme of things, but having STS last week I know how annoying it is. Chin up x
glad your feeling a tad better today :) but as a couple of people have said, maybe its time for you to start moving up the plans now? you do seem to be having a bit of a rough time on 810 and maybe, just maybe its your body telling you it needs more??? you only have 9lbsish to loose!! :D you could do that movin up with plans and possibly feeling better too (not so much tiredness etc)? xxx

Sunshine Singer

Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic
Thanks Watergirl, Kate and Caroline xxx xxx :)

Caroline, while you were away I thought i was going to go up to 1000 but I just wasn't ready mentally to do it. I want to stay on 810 for as long as i can and hopefully till goal. Then i can use the steps 1000-1500 to lose another few lbs that would be a dream and maintain my weight eventually. 8st 11lbs will be fabulous. The lightest as an adult I've ever been is 8st 6lbs so no harm if I can go a little lower..... (have discussed with my cdc of course)
Thanks xxx


Slimming down the aisle
Ahhh I see, that makes sense! Well hope it goes well :)

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