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My weightloss has reached a halt after losing only two pounds. =\ School is really rolling again and I am constantly getting homework dumped on me. I have a part-time job (cashier/stocker at Hobby Lobby) that I wear Shape-Ups to, so while I'm walking around I get a little bit of a toning workout, but other than that I have really had very little time to exercise. Sometimes I can squeeze a 25 minute routine in ONCE a week, other weeks I can't do it at at all.

When I can't exercise, my motivation goes down the toilet, because exercise seems to be what really makes me lose weight.

I need a minimum of 8 hours of sleep at night or I really struggle with staying awake in class, and this makes it even harder to find time to work out.

I feel so unattractive right now. I'm the heaviest girl in nearly all of my classes, which consist mostly of girls anyway. I feel so self-conscious and sad. This, of course, makes me want to stuff my face with chocolate, being a bit of an emotional eater.

I've tried to make as many adjustments to my diet as possible. When I want a sweet I'll have some low-sugar hot cocoa or one Hershey's kiss. But I'm worried that I still eat too much, even though it is all low-fat, low-sugar and whole grains. I'm eating green veggies every day... I feel stuck and really, really sad.

Thanks for listening to me whine. Today is a snow day so I am working on homework and would like to exercise tonight if there is time. Shoveling snow wouldn't be a bad way to work out, either...

Any encouragement or advice would be much appreciated. I feel like I'm surrounded by gorgeous people and I'm the cow walking around on her hind legs. :cry:
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Ah don't be sad . . Try cutting out bread and minimise your dairy intake that could really speed up your weight loss :) x

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Hey Missf, We all get down in the dumps from time to time but I so hope you won't give up!!...:wave_cry:

Have a pretty good idea about the work load, not funny when you get left with the whole caboodle to deal with - and the feeling out of place is all too common for most OW -even the best of us...lol!

Keep posting sweetie and things will get better as you no doubt know anyway!!..:hug99:


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hi hon. I know what you mean re sleep but have you thought about getting up just half hour earlier and fitting in exercise? it will honestly make you feel better and more energetic (really!)