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Feeling distant...


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Hi everyone,

You may have noticed I haven't been posting much this week. Well I have been on minimins but not posting, as for some reason I have felt really down about stuff. On monday I was down into the 12s and was rly good til friday when my CDC weighed me and i was back up to 13st 3lb :cry: I don't know what happened as I stuck to SSing completely!!! Anyway so on Friday I was really down and succumbed to the call of Subway :sigh: and then I had some chocolate after which I felt happier, but kicked myself for eating.

Then, on Friday night, I had to drive home from Southampton and I did something I really shouldn't have... I stopped at Burger King :eek: and had a cheeseburger and chips! I felt a bit sick after and wished I hadn't eaten AGAIN!!

Then, yesterday I was good all day but then my friend invited me over and she had ordered us Chinese- which I haven't had since January! I can't believe I didn't say no, but I thought 'ah well, ive had a bad day yesterday so may as well enjoy it and then be good from Sunday onwards'. Stupid. I ended up going to a houseparty with her and drinking half a bottle of vino and had a hot dog from the BBQ. Needless to say I felt rough this morning.

Now, I have decided that as of today I am not gonna cheat anymore- not even a little bit, not even a crisp! I think that is what led to my downfall- thinking that 1 crisp wouldn't hurt, and it ended up to me eating properly. I need to remember that I should be abstaining from food COMPLETELY!!

So today I am doing, well, have drunk a litre of water so far and had 2 tetras. I resisted the urge to stop at the newsagents on my way back from the party this morning to buy a hangover cure (chocolate) so am feeling more positive. I'm just so angry with myself for delaying my weightloss by what will probly be a week now. ARGH :break_diet:

Sorry this is so long, I just thought I would explain why I have been distant from the site this week and confess my sins- I do feel better now!

Any encouragement would be welcome :eek:

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Must try harder!!
There is no point in beating yourself up about this. Whats done is done - the worst that can happen is it slightly delays your weight loss. Just try and be good and re focus on your goals and hopefully you will be fine again.
Feeling guilty and emotionally cursing yourself is not good for your confidence or self esteem. Its happened. That was yesterday - this is today! Think how far you have come and where you are going to... chin up chicken and smile :) :)



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Feel the same myself about giving into the 'old chatterbox':sigh:

I am back on SSing again and have just managed to complete a whole week and lost 6lbs.:D

I have 41lbs. to go to get down to a healthy BMI.

So you have my permission to let me have it if I dare slip:whoopass: :whoopass: :whoopass: :whoopass: :whoopass: :whoopass: :whoopass:

I have been on too many scenic routes and I am back on the motorway to goal.

Hop on board, we can do this:D

Love Mini xxx


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Ahh, it doesn't seem to get any easier at all! I gave in to brandy & coke (zero, lol!!) & some French stick & butter last night. Still we can STOP & start fresh, it's when we give up TOTALLY that's the PROBLEM! Promise yourself you'll be good til luch-time, then after lunch til dinner & so on, I find taking it one meal & one day at a time easier. Hope you're feeling better about yourself soon, we all slip up! we're all HUMAN!!xxxxx


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wannabslim - it's all in the past, you've done it now please put it behind you and start again. If you beat yourself up about it you'll just end up feeling worse and you really shouldn't do that.

Today is another day and today is all that matters.




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S: 15st7lb C: 14st11lb G: 11st7lb Loss: 0st10lb(4.61%)
Thanks guys I know you are right, have managed to resist so far. Sharon, that is so true- I think at this stage I need to look to the next mealtime and say I'll be good, it just seems so daunting otherwise!

Mini, 41lbs to a healthy BMI- that's great, you are doing so well and congrats for your 6lbs loss and here's to another week! I have 41lbs to get to target (altho its probably more than that after my weekend of naughtiness!). Lets do this together!

Tigerlily and Jen, thanks for your support, I honestly don't know what I would do without this site sometimes- crash and burn probably!

S: 18st2lb C: 18st2lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
We've all done it ... you need to scrape yourself back up and put behind you ... you CAN do this ... remember how badly you want it!! Kick that nasty Chatterbox to touch and SS all the way!!

We're all with you hun.... we all support each other ... like the happy, slim-seeking family that we are!!



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Confession is good for the soul.....and the waistline....wannabslim. At least you're getting back to the diet. It's only too easy to give up when things start going wrong. Congratulations on your self-knowledge and willpower to perservere.

Chris http://livelifelighter


somebody shrink me
Good luck with getting back on the diet, maybe the break will have renewed your determination?
Just remember the reason why you want to do this- why you're putting yourself through it! Keep your goal in sight, and don't let a minor blip discourage you.

Good luck hun!


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A change is as good as a rest, they say! Glad you're back on track.

One problem with VLCDs, I feel, is that the downside to fast weight loss is the even faster regain when you cheat.

Sure, it's 'glycogen' - 'only water' - but even water has to be stored somewhere on the body, so you feel and look bloated, and the 'regain' is out of all proportion to the extra food eaten.

I regained seven pounds after eating only a little bit extra, and I was and am gutted. I've lost three of those pounds between yesterday and today, but regaining so much actually made me ANGRY. It seems so unjust at times. VLCDs are so unforgiving!

I sometimes dread the very thought of maintaining. Even now I dare not eat 'normal' food. It worries me.


i love minimins me :)
hey hun

sorry i aint been around much, and only jus seen this, sorry and **huge hugs** how u feelin now, shall i pm you my msn addy? cos am always on there?

love n hugs babe xxx


Must try harder!!
Hope you are going better with things now - I had a temporary glitch yesterday - Im calling it the "Hot Cross Buns incident".
Notice the plural?
Not just a bun - ooohhh no - I am talking bunS with a capital "OOps!" :giggle:
However - they were yummy and Im back SSing so all is ok :)


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Samantha I could have done that with Hot Cross Buns today if there had been any outside Asda. As I was walking from the car park to the shop the smell of the Hot Cross Buns was so strong - I could almost taste them in the air.

Glad to hear you're back on track!



Will B Slim
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lol are the hot cross buns out to get everyone lol. Bought some for the kids and they have been looking at me since yesterday but i refuse to give in. Goodluck everyone:)

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