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Feeling down as scales not going down :-(

Hiya All,

Well I have been doing this diet for almost 8 weeks and did feel this diet was amazing. But I am feelling a bit demotiviated at the moment. I am sitting at 21st 1lbs and have been for weeks. Admittedly I put on 3lbs and lost 3lbs again last week.
BUT......I just cant the scales to drop below the famous 21st 1lbs!!
I am being really good and eating lots of fruit etc.
Perhaps I should do a food diary and share it all with you. Not really sure what to do but feel no matter what I am doing my weight has plateau'd and is getting me down. :-(

HELP!!!! :cry::cry::cry:

I am open to any suggestions??????

Feeling deflated..........

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Aw Paul!!! Don't get too disheartened mate *hugs*
A food diary would definitely help! No harm in us all having a look through and making some suggestions.

I quite often get a bit stuck for a couple of weeks and it's easy to get down about it not working, but from experience I can say, the best thing to do is stick with the plan, eat through it and you'll start losing again.

Go back to basics for a week - start the plan afresh, as if you're a newbie. Write everything down as you eat it, before even! Plan your meals, look everything up, measure your HEs, count your syns honestly and divide them evenly through the week rather than store them for weekend, count your speed and superspeed foods and base your meals around these so you're upping your quota and helping loss. Write down how much water/fluid you're drinking too, see if you can increase that. Try to get a bit of moderate exercise into your day, even if it's just a few extra trips up and down stairs or a walk round the block at lunchtime....

There's LOADS you can do, so think positive and get back to loving the diet. Get your head in the zone and your body will follow :)


Lovin it !!! :)
hey paul
sorry you are feeling down......

maybe a food diary would help - we can all have a look and put opur 2 penneth in lol -

are you eating the same things? this can affect weight loss?

sts - although it gets ya down is not a bad thing - its good that you are maintaining so obviously doing nothing wrong

21st 1 - is there a physcological barrier attached to this ? just keep at it matey, it will move again, the fact that you are not gaining is proof in itself, I would suggest maybe start a food diary on here and maybe changing the things you are eating - sometimes shocking the body with different foods can boost it along again

keep posting - we are all here with you

Bev xx
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BIG HUGS SENT TO YOU. As already said do a food diary and let us have a look at it. Are you drinking enough, that can make a difference as you can retain fluid if you're not. In the meantime don't get down hearted about it. If you can honestly say you are being 100% good then the weight will start to come off again. Sometimes these blips come along to try us, but the main thing is not to let it throw us off the main road to goal. You have a brilliant day and start that diary. XXXXXXX
Hiya. Thanks for all your support. It slowly making me feel better. I am going to shock the body and go to the gym........... :)


I will succeed!!!
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Hi Paul –

I can understand why you’re feeling low – I’d be the same L

But don’t let this put you off SW – you’re doing well and it will get going again!

Here are my suggestions:

Have a look back at the plan you’re following: EE or the original plan of red and green days?

If you’re doing EE speak to your consultant about the plan and maybe think about trying the original plan?

If you’re doing original look at swapping to EE and see if that helps?

Stock up on speed or superspeed foods and try to fill your plate with those as best you can.

And don’t drop syns too much to fix this –you need to keep your treats up for your sanity and to keep your body in the fat burning zone. I was guilty of this myself and never going over 5 (more because I didn’t want treats).

Stay happy and remember you’re doing well x


Bring it on!
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Try EE for a change (if you haven't already), or try success express just to break the pysch barrier and get you moving! Deffo post a diary then we can all give you the benefit of our sage words!

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