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Feeling Down, Had Some Really Bad News


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After having a real positive start to a new week I got some really awful news that's made me feel really down but suprisingly has n't made me want to turn to food. I went out to a friends house for dinner, there were a bunch of us and I made the most sensible choice of what was on offer of the shepherds pie and some salad and turned my nose up at lasagne, dolma, biriani and countless different deserts and cakes.

My best friends 12 year old daughter was diagnosed with bone cancer today and I'm in total shock. A year ago she started to get pain in her leg while on holiday and went to the GP who said it was something like growing pains and left it at that - a few weeks back she had what was thought to be a bite of some kind, her leg swelled up and a visit to the GP gave her antihistamines and when that did n't work 2 courses of antibiotics which did n't clear it up and she was sent for xrays which showed something suspicious and full scans have revealed a tumor just below her knee about the size of an apple, a hole in her bone too and something suspect on her kidney. She goes into hospital in birmingham on Sunday for a full biopsy and we should know more about what her treatment is going to be. Please keep her in your prayers, things are not looking good :(
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That is horrible news to receive, but it's great that you were level-headed and picked a healthier choice of food. SW has shown you that food isn't the best way to deal with a problem! This is amazing and you are an inspiration! I need to take a leaf out of your book!

Right now, I wouldn't worry too much about SW, your losses have been fantastic so far, so I feel that you will be fine in that respect.

I wish your friend's daughter all the best and hope she will be fine. I can't begin to imagine what you are going through, but I do hope that everything turns out to be fine.


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That is so horrid.

Your friend must be frantic with worry.

There are no words of comfort that make a big difference, but, just knowing that so many people are praying for her is a comfort.

There have been great strides forward in the treatment of cancer and the U.K. have some fantastic centers of excellence. The Royal Marsden being one of the very best.

My love to you all,



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I don't know what to say, that's awful
I'l be thinking of you all, please keep us informed as things go on.

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So sorry to hear such sad news. Love to her family & u. U r in our prayers x


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I shall ask my Angels to help.


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How absolutely devastating. I hope that the prognosis is better than feared.
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Oh Alia that's heart breaking, poor poor girl. Her family and all who know and love her are in our thoughts. Children's hospitals are fantastic from my experience so she will get the best of treatments I'm sure.



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My thoughts and prayers are with you and your friend, at this difficult time.
Medicine has moved on so much these days I'm sure if everyone who reads this thread stops and says a little prayer, for this special little girl it wont go unnoticed. I myself have had Breast cancer and even though I am in remission the doctors and nurses say a positive mind really does help towards recovery, so please stay positive and try and keep your friend and her family positive.


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Thank you all so much for your good wishes. I've been to Warrington for the day to see them all before she has to go into hospital in Birmingham tomorrow for a biopsy and further scans to find out exactly what we are dealing with and what treament is needed. Kids resilence will never cease to amaze me. Despite being in significant pain and not able to get up unless she's going to the loo or is out in her wheel chair, she had a gorgeous smile on her face and was laughing and joking with me - took her out for a nice long walk in her wheel chair and we just chatted about everything except what she is facing in the next couple of days.

Thanks all again, I know I do not know any of you here personally but it is so nice to know that people really do care. xxx


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That is so sad. My thoughts and prayers go out to the little girl and her family, and hope that everything goes well for her.


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Wish them good luck from me please. I will be thinking of them. As a cancer survivir myself I know what can be achieved, especially with her so obviously sunny disposition.

Stay strong for them. They will need all their friends and family in the months to come, even if it is only an ear to listen.


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So sorry to hear your news Alia. Will be keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers xxx


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Sorry to hear the bad news, I will keep my fingers crossed for you all.


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God willing things will turn out for the better...will keep her in my prayers...

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