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feeling down


soon to be minnie mouse
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don't do it, just run a bath as soon as you get through the door and resist the temptation.
maybe it's the diet that made you argue explain to OH and get youe head back in gear.
no dont do that stick at it , you are doing so well . once u make up you will , forget all about it . if you binge you will be more angry and blame him for it . and it will, all take longer to get over xxxxx big hugs
You know you will only feel worse after you've eaten the food, so then you'll be mad at OH and yourself!!!!!
Why not go to the gym or have a swim to take out some frustration???
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Dont do it - putting weight on will only make you feel worse!!
S: 20st0lb C: 11st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 24.9 Loss: 9st0lb(45%)
I agree, go out and do something nice for yourself - nails done, hair do, facial!!


Finally a size 12!
Im trying to patch it up but his phone is off and he doesnt have a house phone plus its my TOTM so feeling extra sensitive as well


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dont do it! I put on 6.5 lb this week as i did exactly that! went and ate a pizza plus more!! all went wrong
now ive gotta lose it again this week! wasnt worth it


Finally a size 12!
Just rang my best mate shes coming round to my house tonight ha ha ha dont trust myself xx


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Oh hun, I hate it when my OH does that! He has definately gone off to his cave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!
Stay strong cos you'll feel ten times worse if you eat. Have a can of coke zero and a good moan with your friend tonight and you'll feel all the stronger for resisting xx


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Aww no its the worst feeling isnt it I know how u feel.

Be strong - if u wanna eat u wanna eat - it sounds like u have made up ur mind anyway!
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Ah missus,

Give him a quick slap ;) and tell him to get a grip, the slap will burn the calories and make you feel better :D

Don't give in, cause you will feel worse after you have eaten it and even more miserable the rest of the week while you get back into Ketosis!!

Stay strong, and if he still doesn't talk to you bugger him, silent treatment back can work wonders :D


Finally a size 12!
yeah i think his battery went as he answered and started talking and it went ??? Im hoping it was

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