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feeling down

S: 13st4lb G: 9st4lb
I was doing well for 2 weeks but this week i have messed up. I have'nt been to the gym and i ate crap. I was so determined at the start, i don't know what happened this week.

I have told myself that i will start fresh tommorrow - i feel embarressed as i have told family, friends people and the kiddies at work(i work in a primary school), that i am going healthy and going to get rid of the fat. I have lost weight before, about 3 years ago and went down to a UK size 12-14, but then i got married and it went downhill from then. I know i can do it, but the motavation does not seem strong as it was then.

What to people do at times like this? Thanks.x
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Poppy if we did not fall off the wagon now and then it would be too easy and we would fail. Falling off the wagon makes us feel crap which in turn gives us a kick up the bum and makes us realise we dont like that feeling and we get back on track to get the good feeling. What's done is done but tomorrow is a new day and you can get back on track. You can do it and remember your doing it for you ultimately....xx
stop being so hard on yourself!! you've done so well for two weeks. I bet a lot of your mates are so jealous - and you are probably giving them the incentive for them to make a change too. everybody has tough moments, it's not easy.
i bet if you have a good week, and go for a nice walk after working at the school - you'll end up on those scales with a massive smile on your face by the end of it!! which is brilliant incentive for week four baby.
and hey - two outta three ain't bad ;)

I stumbled recently and ate crisps etc I can beat myself up over it or say "That was yesterday , tomorrow is a new day" Or something. I have opted for the latter.
It is impossible to be good 100% of the time , as long as you are commited and don't use it as an excuse to give up- pick yourself up and start again:D
We are all human and sometimes there are several reasons why we stray from our diets and seek comfort in food.
Its just a case of finding out what triggers these eating habits.

Try to think of the reasons why you wanted to lose weight in the first place, think of the benefits to your health, the difference in your lifestyle if you manage to stick to your diet, but above all, dont beat yourself up over your blip, just get yourself straight back on it and remember the initial reasons.

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