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Feeling dreadful, is there something wrong with me?

Hi people, feeling quite disappointed with 2nd weigh in today, only 3lb :mad:
On top of this I keep going light headed and actually fainted while I was distracting myself with decorating. I bent down to pick something up and thenfound myself slumped on the floor with a banging headache. My energy levels are pretty low (decorating taking a lot longer than normal) I'm sleeping loads and my concentration is appalling, plus I am soooo moody! :pcwhack: At work it's like I'm watching myself from outside my body, I'm a bloody zombie! On friday I start nights and I seriously think I might be dangerous, I will be on my own and in charge of 25 mums and babies for 10 hours. I'm not sure I should keep doing this to myself and everyone around me... :break_diet:
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Hi Remy, maybe you should cut out the decorating and just laze about until you start your nightshift. Are you drinking plenty of water?
and remember that 3lb you lost is pure fat from your body, be happy.
Thanks Niyid, I know I should be pleased about any weight loss, just expected more...
Drinking at least 3 lts and have 500ml water in my shakes instead of 240ml.
I wish I could avoid the decorating but working to a deadline as we have to move tenants in early Sept, got 6 more bedrooms to do! I probably just having a bad day and need to re focus.
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I didn't feel up to much for a few weeks after I started. I know you are working to a deadline but you really need to take it easy for a while till your body adjusts itself. I often get light-headed if I get up too quickly.

Be careful hun.



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i know it can be hard but try and take it as easy as you can, im in week 12 and still get light headed if i get up to quick.
well done on your 3lb loss too x


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3lb is 3lb and its better off than on! But defo avoid excerting yourself too much, especially if your not used to it. Well done on the weight loss.


You are so close to healthy BMI of 25 - have a chat with your counsellor and see if it is time to re-introduce food!
Not 100% knowledgable about cambridge, but don't you have various "eating " options alongside your packs?
Whoops - sorry lipotrim not cambridge - must concentrate more LOL
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Thanks for the encouragement guys, feel much better this morning, had a piece of very lean bacon last night and felt like a different person afterwards. I've always had quite low blood sugar levels so maybe this diet has dropped them even more. I've also checked my BP and this has gone down a bit, which might take some getting used to! Basically I'm a fainter, always have been, always will be!

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