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Feeling dreadful today



food is not my friend!
Aww the dreaded first few days, whenever you feel your tummy getting empty get straight onto a bottle of water! And occupy your mind with something else, search for new clothes that your going to fit into, write in a weight loss diary, clean something, treat yourself to some moisturising or paint your nails! Or just come on here everyone is really supportive =D hope you feel better soon! xxx


food is not my friend!
It does get a lot better! Once your ketones kick in it gets easier, I am on week 4 now and I sometimes forget that I'm due a shake because I don't get hungry!! xxx
once your over the first week really it get so much easier, you will get to the stage where you dont even miss food. If you do get the "I want food right now stage" just keep reminding yourself why you are doing this diet and always think, yes I really want that food but that food will still be there when you finish your plan and you can have it again in moderation.

Good luck, you will be just fine!!
Do make sure you are drinking enough water regularly. I found that helped me to stop feeling hungry. As everyone else has said the first week is the worse but once you get into the swing of things you won't feel hungry . Best of luck - stick with it and stay on here for a chat.

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