Feeling faint


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Yep I got the same thing a few times a week last time I did it,just be careful and make sure it doesn't worsen x

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I had the same thing this week (I'm on day 10). It doesn't last very long but feeling like a space cadet is no fun :p

I'm hoping it stops soon as well. I wish you all the best anyway and hope you feel better soon :)


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Hiya, I get the spaced feeling every time I stand up - last time and this. It only stopped for me when I started eating. I just have to be careful and not get up and immediately rush off, just give it a couple of seconds.

Caren. x


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Just stand up slower!!

I get head rush all the time even when im eating lol!


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only on day 5 so i cant comment.just take your time when getting up.sending hugs.x


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Hi Emmie

Yes, I had that last time quite a bit. I had to just keep remembering not to bend down quickly or to get up quickly. I had it the whole time on my last attempt at LT - 14 weeks! But, this time, it has only just started now, Week 3, so I am just having to take a little seat when I feel lightheaded.

It is a part of LT so just learn to do things more carefully whilst you have this.

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Haha glad you liked the expression bells :p It's what I'm called most of the time!

Am I the only one that thinks the head spins can be fun?? Or do I need a lil bit of this.... :psiholog:


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Thanks y'all will remember to stand up slower! As long as I know its normal....whatever that may be!?!