feeling fed up and down - not moving


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Hi All

Feeling a bit down this morning. Only lost 1/4 lb since Monday (5 days). I am in week 3 of SS - have have not moved all week. I lost 11lbs in week 1 & 2 - but then stuck. I genuinely haven't cheated - and not totm or anything. I am three stones overweight so there is lots to go. Drinking between 2 and 3.5 litres of water per day. Shake for breakfast, bar for lunch, soup for tea.

SS is really hard, and is taking a lot of willpower. But it hardly seems worth it. I didn't realise this could happen - and I can't see how I can cut back any further.
Hi hun, first of all well done on your weight loss so far, don't panic about what the scales say, get your tape measure out and you will see that on those annoying weeks where the scales refuse to coopperate you will have lost inches!
The diet will not fail you, it is impossible not to lose weight whilst ssing, your body needs a set amount of energy and in the absence of food it will take what it needs from your fat stores.
Try to cheer up and think positive, by next week the scales will start to move again and you will see that it is worth the sacrifice.

You don't need to be TOTM to have water retention btw, sometimes your body will just be a little bugger and hold on to as much water as it can lol, stick with it hun, I promise it will work out in a few days.

Dani, Stick with it, due to the calorie deficiency you are guaranteed to lose weight therefore if you have lost only a little in the last 5 days you are probably retaining water. You will still be losing fat - afterall 3lbs of fat loss per week is scientifically proven on this diet... not sure why you are retaining water, but it could be the build up to TOTM maybe?

I have weeks like that too, this week i hadn't lost anything until today...(since Tuesday am) and I lost 2lbs... i seem to have settled into this pattern, so weighing myself every day doesn't really motivate me - although i still can't help myself! Don't weigh yourself again until your weigh in day, there is no point de-motivating yourself.. speak with your counsellor about your worries and she will explain it a lot better than me!! I always have a minimum of 3 litres of water a day, the more water you drink the better your weight loss, so maybe increase to 4 - 4.5 litres over next couple of days??

Good luck
If the scales are depressing you, hun - only weigh yourself once a week. Our bodies fluctuate all the time so it's not a true impression of how much weight we're losing.

Stick at it, hun - it's just a sticky bit - you'll have a good loss next week.
Thanks all - I will endeavour to do 4.5 litres of water this weekend. Just a bit bl**dy fustrating. I know I shouldn't get on the scales every morning (i might give them away soon) but I can't help myself. When I do move I find it so motivating - but I might hide them for the next week. It is hard though keeping going - I am still quite hungry - and not getting the rewards of feeling like I am making any progress. I will keep going for the time being - if only to follow all your examples....
In fact I have decided. I will pop the scales in my neighbours. And only get them back once a week. I have a cdc weigh in once a fortnight - and will try to limit looking. My body might be one that sticks, loses a bit, then sticks again and the daily weigh ins are getting depressing.
Last week i stuck for 6 days and then lost 3lbs on Sunday ... bizarre! I am also a scales addict, jump on and off several times a day, can be depressing but this week it's coming off much quicker. Just be grateful it's not weight watchers when you used to be good all week and then they met you with the great news that you'd lost half a pound! This diet works and quickly!! DON'T GIVE UP!!
One thing I have learnt the hard way is dont be a slave to the scales, thing is, its so easy to say but not that easy to do!!!!

Took me a month before I could stop weighing every day, and then it does get easier, but even now I have blips, keep them at your neighbours hun, its the best way. I am a person who sticks and then loses overnight, thing is thats great on a weekly weigh in, but rubbish on a daily one, the weight cant not come off for you on SS so give yourself a boost and weigh once a week!
I've let my sister look after my scales for that very reason. I became obsessed with weighing myself in the first few weeks - in week three, just like you, I was gutted that on MY scales I'd only lost 1lb. I almost chucked in the diet and posted a message almost identical to yours.

People gave me great advice (much like you're getting now) and so I stuck with it and had actually lost 4lb that week when I got to my CDC's.

Stick with it - you CANNOT fail to lose fat on this diet. :)
Sure does addle the brain!!!!! I was nutty anyway and now Im even nuttier!!!!