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Feeling fed up :(


I will be a Princess!
Sorry, I just want a moan. For the first time today I'm feeling fed up and bored with my weight loss efforts :(

I had a small (for me) loss of 0.5lb last week, and I sneaky peeked on the scales this morning (WI is at home tomorrow morning) and it doesn't look like I'm going to lose anything this week. I'm feeling a bit down about it as I've tried really hard this week. I've varied my days (usually do all EE, but have added in some Green days this week), and I've even done 4.5 hours of exercise on the Wii (and an hour of PE with Y10, hahaha! :D)

I know it's * week for me, but I just seem to be struggling the last couple of weeks :( I'm only 7 weeks in, and I didn't really expect to be struggling so early. I have 108lb to go to target, so no small amount, and it just feels like I'm never going to get there :cry:

Sorry to moan. No need to reply if you don't want to, I just wanted to moan to people who understand how I feel.

Sian xxx
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Will be thin god dammit!!
Has anything changed in your routine dudette cos up until last week your loses were fab!


I will be a Princess!
This is what I can't work out! I don't seem to have changed anything. I was on my half term holiday last week, but I didn't really drink anything much (compared to usual ;)), and I've stayed within my syns for the last couple of weeks. I was a bit naughty last week and didn't really have any breakfast (lie ins were more impotant, lol!) I'm wondering whether I'm not eating enough superfree food on my Green days, even though I've been trying to incorporate them in my meals as mcuh as possible, as I would with EE. Or I might not be drinking enough, although I just seem to feel really bloated if I drink lots of liquid in a day. Hmmm!

Sian xxx


Silver Member
Honestly, sometimes it goes like this. A few weeks ago I was pretty good & I gained 1lb. This week I've been a bit naughty (took Friday night off completely plus had my daughter's birthday party on Sunday which meant lots of naughty things) and I lost 2.5lbs.

Stick with it, the weight will come off if you carry on, honest!


Will be thin god dammit!!
I aggre with Mummoth - you have to look at it monthly really cos our bodies are funny complex things and the months loss gives you a much better indication taking into account totm etc...
Keep at it hun - bet you have a massive loss next week x x x x


I will be a Princess!
Thanks Mummoth! It seems that weight loss is just a funny old beast! I wouldn't give up on it, as I do feel like I'm finally ready to shift the weight. Plus I want to build up my confidence so that I can go out and meet a nice man :) Sounds sad doesn't it! xxx
Awww, don't be disheartened chicken :) You've done amazingly so far. I had weeks where I would lose only half a pound or so and it IS frustrating, but then I'd have a brill week and lose 3.5lbs!

I find when I do green days that I don't eat as much, as the need to eat plenty of superfree isn't there and I think this can slow you down if you're used to doing EE. Not eating breakie probably hasn't helped either.... *wags finger in teacher fashion*.

Stick with it and I'm sure you'll be back on track in no time :)


I will be a Princess!
Haha! I've got back to eating brekkie this week (realise it was a bit naughty of me! :)) I think I might see how I get on tomorrow, and then go back to doing EE for another week and up my superfree intake. Surprisingly I've founf that I haven't wanted to eat big portions on Green days - must be all the carbs :)

Thank you for the moral support!

Sian xxx

I know how you feel - I had a STS last week after only 4 weeks of dieting - and I have been 100% good since the start.. and have over 10 stone to lose, so it just didn't seem fair.

All I can speculate is that having had really good losses so far, your body now needs to "catch up" with itself a bit.. you might find that you have a couple of dodgy weeks but will then start moving again in an equally inexplicable fashion.

Try to keep your pecker up and think how good it is to MAINTAIN your weight until things start moving again.

Helen x


I will be a Princess!
Thanks Pinksparklybirdy!! :) Ooooo, you should pop into the teams sections and join our team, Queen size to Princess. They're a lovely bunch of ladies in the team, and we all have a lot of weight to lose. Everybody's so supportive :) xxx
Aww sian, im sorry to hear your fed up. Dont worry about it hun, you are doing so well. I think our bodies sometimes play tricks on us cos i have definitely had weeks were i didnt understnad what was going on! but i know that my * week really alters my losses too.

Are you getting weighed on the same scales and same time of the day etc?

Just keep your chin up hun. You are so gonna do this! at times it can seem like were trying to climb bloody everest doesnt it, and it can be quite overwhelming sometimes, but at least were doing something about it. Remember, slowly slowly catchy monkey! This times forever. cos thats 14lb you have lost that aint ever coming back and actually, your losses have been fab, every week has been a good amount, not even a sts xx
hun there would be something wrong if one of us wasnt moaning! tee hee. We all have days like this and you know what, its ok to have a good old moan, sometimes it does you the world of good!!! moan away freely xx
muchos welcome. my turn tomorrow! xx


I will be a Princess!
Thanks Lexie! :) Oooo, we had the same start weight! Seems to be a few of us about :) Good luck with your weight loss hun! If you fancied joining a team pop over to the teams thread and have a look for Queen size to Princess! They're all so supportive, and the great thing is that we're all ladies with a lot to lose! We're in it for the long haul! :) Wow, I sound like a broken record tonight!! haha! :8855:

Sian xxx
Hey Dudette
Go and look at a block of lard in the supermarket and imagine it gone from your hips - even half a pound of lard looks horrible - go and look and congratulate yourself on your loss.
You are doing so well - keep it up x:)

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