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Feeling Fed Up :(

Foo Fan

Gold Member
HI All,

Went for my WI lastnight and I STS :cry:

I had a good chat to my CDC and she said it could be my "time of the month" (I dont know cos I'm on the injection and dont have monthlies) I also put on 1/2 inch on my weist - so could be water retention..

I feel a bit rubbish cos I've been on CD since march (had a little break while I found a new CDC - but only put on 3lbs) but havent even lost a stone on CD yet :( :( :(

I've gone up to SS+ (with a 200cal meal) for a week to see if that helps..

I think I'm the only one thats not losing much weight on CD - I'm sticking to it 100% and having more than enough water so where am I going wrong??
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Aww sorry to hear that. Not really sure what could be causing it.
I'm on the injection too, so not what you mean about that not affecting things.

Try the SS+ like you suggest and see what happens. It might be that a lot more comes off next week.

I know just how upsetting it is when you're working so hard and not seeing results. However, you will see results in the long term and you've done so well to be on it for a while, have a break and come back to it.

I found that coming back to it, my losses weren't so good. Maybe your body is just showing a bit of resistent initially. I'm sure that it will even out :)


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Sorry you are feeling fed up and sorry that you didn't have a loss this week, but your CDC could be right and the slight gain on your waist could definitely be water retention. Stick with it as this diet does work, you won't put on weight and you will catch up.

You have had great results to date and perhaps your body is just catching up a bit?

Sorry I can't give any real help!

Foo Fan

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Thanks both - hopefully I'll have a good loss next week and that the meals wont effect me 2 much.


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-I stayed the same for a week (yes about my 3rd week) and like you I was heart broken and couldn't understand it. Then (no lie) one morning I woke up weighing a good few lb less and felt slimmer too (I was a terrible daily weigher), it was like my body retained water until it had made an adjustment and then sorted out the weightloss. That was the first time I personally noticed I had lost weight. I don't know the science, just a personal experience.
Stick to it, how can you NOT loose weight on this diet.
I know it's hard today though - hugs


soon 2 b skinnysexybumtum
Awwww....babe Im so sorry ur feeling fed up but please stick to it and Im sure ul have a fab loss on ur next WI. Good luck. Hugs. x

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