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Feeling good ........ Im now overweight!!!!


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Ok so Im now overweight!!! Overweight hmmm everyone tells me how good Im looking and Im now OVERWEIGHT!!! ha ha. Im happier being overweight than obese I guess but its weird.

I spent 2 hours in River island this morning after trying on about 15 pairs of jeans.. I came out with 2 pairs of 14s which I know are going to last me for about a month if that as they are already quite lose .. Some of the 14s were very lose on me.. tops size 12 and a nice belt.. and a gorgeous cardigan and vest.. later..

and Im still overweight!!! lol but I feel good so even if whoever made that chart says Im overweight I dont feel it .. LOL
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can see the end in sight!
yay!! LOL I am now overweight too and it's a great feeling! Curly, make sure u sell all ur new clothes on eBay or something when u get to a size 10!! Xx


wannabe yummy mummy
Well done Curly, bet you look and feel great in your new togs :)


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lmao @ curly - you crack me up hun! ha ha! I'm currently in the 'very obese' section (ah how lovely that sounds!) i'll soon be in the overweight pile with the rest of em, just you wait curly! lol


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Thats brilliant, I'd love to be overweight, lol!


is back to finish the job
and Im still overweight!!! lol but I feel good so even if whoever made that chart says Im overweight I dont feel it .. LOL
Curly I can't wait to join you in the overweight club... and shop in River Island :D You have done so well!!!!
Yay go Curly - you're an inspiration. I am nearly overweight!!!
Woohoo Curly!
Go you!
Less than two stone to go as well, I'm soooo jealous!

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Well done you. Those weight charts are mad anyway. If i was to go as low as they say I should i'd litterally be a twig!!!!!!! I'll look forward to being a stick but not a twig!!!! hahaha

Back shopping in your favourite shop....how good is that!!! xxx
Well done Curly-I can't wait to be overweight-I've got a while to go yet though. I was just happy when the chart showed me to only be Class 1 Obese rather than Class 2 Obese! Just under 2 stone and I will be overweight too!
Im so proud of you and welcome to the club but you look fabulous in your new clothes - I cant wait to shop in normal shops for normal clothes!
Woohoo Curly well done, we have almost the same amount to lose now, although your goal is slightly lower than mine...... I thought it was brilliant when I was no longer obese.... lol
Well done Curly, bet the jeans look fantastic :D
Im sure it feels great to be overweight... LOL. not long and I will be there with you.

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