FEELING GUILTY!! Cheer me up!!!


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Im not sure how much damage Ive done but Ive just ate some chicken!!! It was from blackbean sauce (my mums fault!) But I didnt touch a bean or a chip or rice!!!! How much damage have I caused? I do not want to go and eat the whole friedge which is really good, but now I feel like Ive wasted a day and won't see a loss!!! Ive only had one pack and a multivitamin today, shall I jus minus a pack for the day? To make up for the carbs!!! help me xxx
Hi Lighterlifer, CALM DOWN!

I'm only on day 10 but from what i've read on here one piece of chicken shouldn't knock you out of ketosis so you should be ok. I also think you should still have your recommended 3 shakes to make sure you get all your vitimins and minerals etc.

Well done for resisting the chips!!

Don't dwell, just move on to another day!
Hun a bit of chicken wont hurt, still have all your packs and drink a glass or two more water and I'm sure you will be fine! I am doing CD so slightly different than LL and I know for a fact that even when following 790cals plan on CD weight losses are still great and thats with eating chicken Every day so don't fret, you will be fine xx
Put it behind you and carry on as normal with your packs, just dont think, ive done it once so Ill do it again!
No you've not wasted the day as long as you just carry on as normal now and don't eat anything else. Have all your packs and water, it's just been a bit of an unscheduled add-a-meal day. Not a problem but not really worth the risk of it all going astray. As long as you jump back on now and don't deviate you'll be fine.

Well done for stopping.

Dizzy x
my CDC says if i HAVE to nibble, chicken is best, there are virtually no carbs in it.
put it behind you & carry on as planned but you MUST have all your packs cos of the nutrients
thanks guys! Im finding tonight really hard for some reason! I have those days! :( Ive guzzled lots of water down and going to have a super work out 2morro to make up for it! Dont want to waste any time!
Ahhh don't bet yourself up about it.

Least it was chicken and like so many others said it shouldn't have much effect.

I find evenings really hard and just want to pick for England.
well i had a handful of nuts after that and i really didnt want to say!!! i feel really bad!! I hop I odnt gain because of it! Im on my 6th litre of water so hopefully it shouldnt be to bad in the morning! think i will avoid weighing in tomorrow aswell to save myself being to upset! Im so stupid its only day 6! Ive stopped there though and gladly I dont feel like a dominoes pizza!! he he
im the same way!

ive started keeping myself busy during the day then having all my packs within a couple of hours in the evening. a soup or double soup and either a mousse or a bar. yum. im never hungry now.
Hey LL!;)

HUN..please stop worrying..these anxious feelings may be your trigger for eating..if youre anything like me! I have been on/off this LL journey for almost a year and the best thing ive learned (its a new lesson..but one im so glad i learned!) IS be kind to yourself! Deciding to take the plunge and endure SSing is half of the battle and a decision that needs applauding!:rolleyes:

You have had a bit of chicken and a handful of nuts? BIG DEAL! (I mean that in the nicest way hun...) At one time wouldnt you have had the whole chicken/chinese sauce and the chips AND the nuts AND the chocolate to finish off???? I know I would and i would have done it without batting an eyelid! The difference now is that you are thinking about what you are doing...and what you are doing is VERY WELL!!!!!!:)

You will be fine, keep your eyes on the prize..visualise how you will LOOK and more importantly how you will FEEL when you get to goal..or get to a certain weight/size....:D

Hang in there babe and hey good on yer for being honest about your eating...much better than keeping it a secret and beating yourself up...this is a great place to get support 24/7....open up at your LL meeting too if you can...hard i know but im sure that will help!

Remember you're human....x;)