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Feeling Guilty :-(


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Ive been really caught up with work & my own things recently that I hadn't noticed how much I'd been neglecting my best friend. They've been through a tough time over the years and for some reason tonight it dawned on me that I've not been there for them as I should have been and not to sound over dramatic or anything but I feel an overwhelming level of guilt.

Don't get me wrong, we talk everyday as we also work together, I take lunch in for them every day, but that's all non important stuff, Ive realised that I've not listened, and thinking back I can tell that there's something troubling them and feel rotten for not spotting it sooner.

I guess I'm just getting it out here because it's too late to pick up the phone and say talk to me, I've been a pre-occupied rotten mate

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You haven't been a "rotten mate" as you say. Every person goes through a period of their life where other things such as friends take a back seat. It does not make you a bad person.
What i will say is it's not too late to speak to them about it. When you see them tomorrow, make arrangements to meet with them outside of work, even just for a coffee. As the old saying goes, better late than never. I'm sure they will appreciate it,

Good luck


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Thanks for replying. You're right, whilst I've not been attentive from a time & listening point of view, I have been there in many other ways so I'm sure things will be fine.

I've set aside some time this morning so we can have a chat. Sometimes i don't notice these things because I'm caught up with my work etc and they're not the type to say "stop I need to talk to you" whereas I am! They don't say a word until it builds up and then they go funny with me whereas I think it's easier just to say what's on your mind rather than wait until it bursts out.

Fingers crossed anyway x


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Those little things you've done, like taking her lunch in for her show you aren't a bad friend at all. Don't beat yourself up - if you weren't a good mate you wouldn't have realised there was something bothering her. Hope today went okay x


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Dont beat yourself you Kankles, we all get wrapped up in our own things sometimes. Like KIngsled said you wouldnt have noticed something was wrong at all if you were a bad friend.



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Aw thanks guys! It all went fine today, we had a great chat and my friend was absolutely fine with the fact that I've been a little pre-occupied. I asked that going forward if there was something troubling them to tell me "I really need to talk" otherwise I'm off in blooming kankie land somewhere with my head in work or SW!

Anyway I made them a nice extra special curry (sw version) of course for lunch tomorrow so although it's all sorted it's these little things that shows I care for them dearly!

Really appreciate your replies, I felt terrible thinking I'd let someone down so it was lovely to see your responses x


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Nice to see everything works out in the end :)

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