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Feeling hungry and TOTM


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Have just started week 4 and am coming up to that time of the month. Up until this weekend I have been feeling great, not hungry or interested in food at all. But the last couple of days have had the biggest rumbling stomach and a wandering eye! I had an additional half a bar last night and think I will have the rest tonight.

I presume it is linked to my TOTM, well I hope it is. I am still in ketosis and drinking plenty of water - just wondered if anyone else got this and if it is linked to my cycle.

Any advice or comments greatly received :D
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Thanks for the advice Mrs Lampard. I haven't had any bars this week so should be ok, and will split my final shake this evening to last me.

It is just such a strange feeling after not feeling hungry at all, will stay strong and find distraction!
My TOTM too this week and I am in week three. I am not hungry but by god could I eat. just made DD a vegi cheese burger and I had to stand sniffing it for a few minutes before I could hand it over. I hope this feeling passes soon.

I really feel your pain. xxx


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Mrs S - big congratulations for cooking something - I think food smells would drive me bonkers this evening! I think I will go and have a bath and then have my final shake.

Just need to think - this will pass!!


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Hang in there its hard!! Mine is coming up very soon. it must be feel really moody. and feel like I could eat something too.
Cant wait til my mix a mousse tonight.
Try and drink some more water thats what Im trying to do . Or do something to take your mind of food xx


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Me too! Feel like I want to drown DH and DD and really, really craving food (though not hungry)!

Bloody hormones ggggrrrrrrrr



is going to do this!
Don't worry, I made a thread yesterday because I felt exactly the same, felt hungry and like I was going to crack...
Turned out (today) it was the TOTM! Earlier than usual so I didn't suspect, but it's helped a lot to know it wasn't me being weak, it was the bloody hormones lol.
Perfectly normal, don't worry :)
I had a rough totm this time around, so emotional and down....
All the extra hormones being released from the fat cells maybe..
Hope you feel a bit better now... What women have to put up with!!!



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:grouphugg:to everyone in the same boat at the moment. I feel much better this morning and am just going to have a slow day today. I know that these feelings will pass. Happy Bank Holiday weekend to everyone, I hope the sunshine lasts!!!

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