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feeling ill :(

I felt energized from day 4 and I know you were feeling better a few days ago, it might be that you re coming down with something like a cold:(. I hope you're not going to be poorly pants for your weigh in tomorrow.

Sunshine Singer

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There's a cold, bad throat and a virus going around. I'd say it's that and not the diet. If you need any medicine my CDC said to take diabetic medicine so it won't effect CD. Check with yours. If your glands are up that's a sign you have a virus and there for anti-biotics wont' do a thing. Take painkillers to help. Hope you're feeling better soon hun xxx
Aww Kate, poor you <<hugs>>
As far as I know there's no link with those symptoms and the diet.
I had a really bad tummy the other day and someone else on the ID challenge is feeling ill today.

The important thing is to keep up the water and take it easy - put your feet up and let Matt look after you ;) Hope you feel better soon x
haha let the bf look after, nah im kidding hes lovely, and oh POO i dont wanna be ill :(:( thanks for the kind words tho guys, oh and passion have you had your weigh in ive been waiting?!
arghh i thuoght it was getting better because it really hurt to push on my neck and move it but i can feel its getting that way again arghhhhhhhh bf wont be happy :(
that was meant to be it really hurt yesterday etc
im starting to feel a bit sick now! what do you do if you vomit on this diet??? really sorry not nice but just wondering because im only getting 450 cals a day anyways what happens if u throw it all up?

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