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Feeling Inspired


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Well when I got weighed this week I was really offended to say the least. I had only lost 2lb :cry:and I have stuck to LT 100% so was feeling very disappointed with myself.

I returned to work this week ( for those of you that don't know my husband left me the day I started LT! His loss:p!) after taking 3 weeks off to sort my head, my children and my finances out.

Wow I am so glad I came back because I have had loads of wonderful compliments from male and female colleagues about my weight loss :D:D, that I now feel truly inspired to continue on my LT journey being really pleased with myself.

I have also recruited 4 ladies to start LT, after telling them how I had lost the weight.

So I just wanted to share with you how great I am now feeling, and to thank you for your valued support.

Jo xxx

p.s. I thought it was time I used my real name!!!
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Here we go again!
Good for you Nikita. 2lbs is still a good loss though.

You deserve all those compliments, you've done really well and should be proud of yourself for all your hard work.


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Thats brilliant hun! You should be proud of yourself! You've worked damn hard and deserve every compliment you get! Haha it's a shame Lipotrim can't pay us comission..4 women and you've only been back a week! They should pay us in shakes lol xx


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..4 women and you've only been back a week! They should pay us in shakes lol xx
Now that would be well worth it lol!!!

Thank you MiniB and louizekj for making me realise I do deserve the compliments for all my hard work :D:D !!!


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That's great Jo - you deserve the fab compliments! And that's what we want really isn't it? To look noticably different and FEEL better - the number on the scales has way (or even weigh :)) too much influence on our mood (and I DEFFO include myself in that) IMO.

Have you seen the thread about taking too much notice of the scales? If not I'll find it and post a link - let me know xx

Well done you!! xx


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Have you seen the thread about taking too much notice of the scales? If not I'll find it and post a link - let me know xx

Well done you!! xx
Thanks Jan, no I haven't seen that thread you mentioned - I will try and find it now.


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Wow Jo well done you, on your weight loss. Im so glad work was okay it must have been daunting going back but what a compliment from all your colleagues. Keep going, your doing great, the only thing to leave you now is those unwanted 1lbs:D


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Wow thanks Jan, I have printed this off and I am sticking it to my notice board in the kitchen for inspiration. Some great points made on there.


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2lbs is a great loss chick - well done!
And you are right - your ex's loss entirely!!!! He will be gobsmacked next time he sees the sexier, skinny you!!! :)

How about creating a measurement diary? so on the weeks you feel 2lbs is a small loss measure yourself and youll probably be pleasantly surprised! :) I have one and measure myself every two weeks - it really is a confidence booster :)


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That's great. 2lb is absolutely fine to lose anyway, but more importantly you feel great and that's got to be a fantastic feeling after the rough time you've had.

Good idea Tanya about measurement diary - think i'll start one this weekend. Why on earth didn't i do one when i started?! that and taking a 'before' photo? Oh well - it's all coming off and that's the main thing :)


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Hi Jo, I'm going through a marital break up at the moment too. This diet has really helped in several ways. Ive no appetite anyway, which I think is why I havent cheated for 6days, whereas last time I did the shakes I could only last 2 days!! And the future looks alot brighter if I have a slim pic of me rather than a fat one!!

Good luck and stick in there!!
Hi Jo
Well done thats amazing and you have stayed in LT depsite all that heartache and stress the things thats drive us to food! I am so pleased you have been rewarded for all your hard work with those compliments. Keep it up and make that man regret ever leaving xx
You deserve a medal, along with your new slimmer bod!!! I know when bad things happened to me in my life I wanted to comfort eat.....where most people go off their food, I'm the complete opposite! So I think you have done amazingly, fantastically well. I know that losing weight brings about a boost in self-worth and confidence...you will be amazed what will come along, because of the radience that shines from you.

All the best.


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Thank you for all the great comments, it really has given me a boost which I am in need of right now!!!!

Summergurl - Wow I didn't recognise you, what a great photo hun x

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