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Feeling let down by my CDC

Thats me into my third day, feeling really good.

I'm having some problems with my CDC does anyone else have problems with their's? I'm I the only one? lol.

My CDC only gave me enough packs to last until Wednesday lunch time and promised that that rest of my packs for the week would be delivered Wednesday morning, they never came. I text her about 1 to ask when they would arrive, and was shocked to have a reply that they would be here today (Thursday) before 10am. So I had two Miso soups yesterday 1 for lunch and 1 for dinner, they are only 35 cals each!

It is now 5 mins to 10 on the Thursday and surprise surprise no delivery! It seems like she just isn't interested in her clients, she only replies to messages after you have sent a few and on my first meeting on Saturday she shortened my meeting to 30mins instead of an hour!

Feel like I'm paying a lot of money for this diet and not being treated as I should. Unfortunately there isn't any other CDCs in my area and I don't drive.

Sorry to be so down about the whole thing but just had to get it all out!:cry:

I really am feeling good today tho dispite the lack of calories from yesterday.:)
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Certainly doesn't sound like you're getting value for money! remember you are the customer and maybe tell her that you don't like the fact she left you without packs or look for an alternative one. I'd favour telling her that you're not happy and give her a chance.... maybe she's just too busy at the moment but you are paying a lot of money for a rubbish service by the sound of it!
Thanks for making me feel like I'm not going mad!

Just wish there was another councellor in my area! The pack justs arrived at 10 past 10, so at least I can have a proper lunch today, lol
Thats dreadful! How are you meant to stick to the diet if you haven't got the correct food to do so! The miso soup may only have 35 cals in it but it hasn't got a the vitamins and minerals you need to keep you body working the way you should. Even if your CDC is very busy the least she could of done was call you and explain what the hold up is. I would keep ringing and ringing her until she had to speak to you, did you pay up front for your packs? If so thats even worse in my opinion.
Its such as shame their isn't another local CDC near you, because believe me they aren't all like that, mine is lovely she calls, texts and emails me through the week to see how i'm getting on and if i needed more packs for any reason she'd be right here.
Let us know how this pan's out hun, and well donee for keeping on the straight and narrow yesterday.

Jane xxx
Thanks Janey for explaining how I am feeling sooo well!!!

I do know not all of the CDCs are the same as I have been in contact with icemoose before and he was great! Even asked if I could do the diet at a distance with him, but no joy, lol.

I wouldn't feel so bad about it if she had contacted me to let me know there was a problem or even appologised when I contacted her but nothing :(.

Oh well I have my packs now and I know that if I can get them every week I will stick to the diet, I can be very determined when I want to be :).


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Caz, have a word with her, it's your first week she should have at least made sure you had adequate supplies to get you through! just explain that you can't be without packs as it's early days so can you come up with some alternative arrangement so you know you're not going without vitamins/minerals...... Good luck for your first WI anyway! let us know how you go. x
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i found mine local to my area on the cambridge diet website & i go to see her get weighed & choose my food weekly maybe try that there was about 10 to choose from my area all on the site with photos & comments about themselves. maybe have a look just google the cambridge diet & it comes up x
Caz, that's just not acceptable and you have every right to feel let down.

Give Cambridge a ring to see if there are any other CDCs in your area, as not all CDCs advertise on the website, and Cambridge will put you in touch with any others who are local to you. If you feel strongly enough, then tell Cambridge why you're unhappy. I can assure you that not all CDCs are like that and hopefully you can find someone who will support & help you and deserve your business.
Hi caz, i see your near glasgow? there are three cdc listed in the glasgow area on the cambridge diet offical website,could you possibly call them and see if they can deliver to where you are or post it out with the occassional personal visit? dont know if this is possible, but maybe worth calling to see if they can help,
good luck on your diet anyway, all the best Tiz:)
Thanks so much for all of your advice, I have looked into other councellors but as I don't drive I'm kinda stuck with regards to travelling.

If I can just get the packs every week I know that I can do it on my own I feel that I am commited to the diet and maybe one day I could become a CDC, think I would really enjoy it, just need to get down to a BMI of 28 or less. Hopefully won't take too long. :)

I do know that there is a lack of CDCs in my area and lots of people crying out for the diet as my local Lighter Life councellor has been shocked in the amount of people signing up in the area.

So fingers x'ed


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Some are like that. There is one down my way whose getting a bad reputation for her treatment of the clients. Thankfully my one is a love, very supportive etc. If I had been promised sachets and none came, I would have come straight off the diet. Much as I complain now and again, its the only thing keeping me going.
Hi Ca

Good luck on finding a new cd. I know it'simportant have all the food etc on time. I found it helpful to spearate out and leave out only the packs I was going to have that day. You can't do that if you have none!
As for support - this site and cambridgedieters are all the support you will need. Stick with it and watch the weight fall off. lol!

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