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Feeling Light Headed


Have a Little Patience x
Ok so I'm three days away from completing week three. Today I am soooo headachey and light headed it's quite scary - partic the light headed feeling. I went across the road before having my firs pack this morning, just to get a paper - easily less than half a mile there and back. Had a vanilla shake when I got back, then cos i was feeling so light headed had a bar about an hour later.

Has anyone else experienced the light headed feeling this far in to the programme? I've had nothing like it so far.
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nearly there!! :)
hey im not really light headed but VERY tired!! my eyes are really heavy at time and then other times im flying with energy!! hoping it will pass soon!!
hope u feel better and get a little lie down if ya can xxx


Have a Little Patience x
Thanks girls. It's not got any better really.

I average about three litres of just water, plus my packs, plus tea, coffee and a savoury drink.

I really don't know whether this plan is suiting me if I'm honest. I think I'm expecting too much of it but I've felt awful for the last week. My body is craving fresh stuff - not junk - just fresh fruit and veg. I'm going to see how it goes for the next 3 days until weigh in I think then review the situation.

I can't keep feeling like this - I've got two kids and a demanding full time job. :cry:


nearly there!! :)
u gotta do what is best for u hunni. but i would agree in giving ur self till the wi. ya never know ya might feel better in the morning. is this the first day u have felt like this or has it been all week?
ring ur llc and talk ta her she might have some advice, and if u desperatly need something eat some chicken cause wont effect ketosis!!
Hi Wytchy, I had a mad busy day on Friday and forgot to take enough water for the day which left me feeling very light headed and crappy. I went to pee on a stick yesterday and our LLC said I was terribly dehydrated (which I'd guessed but hadn't felt thirsty as I just felt crappy).

She said to try to take it much easier over the next few days and drink small amounts steadily throughout the day. Become the waterwheel!

I hope you're feeling a wee bit better (no pun intended). See if you can push through, I truly believe we will all find many aspects of our lives so much easier when we lose the weight. And we're always here if you need to vent!
Might be worth getting your blood pressure done. You're supposed to have it done every 4 weeks anyway. My blood pressure is always low and I'm often lightheaded. I just grit my teeth and try not to get up too quickly, etc.
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It must be done every 4 weeks. However since we have moved into development she has not requested them.

I still get them done however. Be foolish not too really. And its always s onice to see iverything in normal ranges. :D
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just wondered how you are feeling today wytchy? Hope you are feeling a bit better xx

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Have a Little Patience x
Thanks ladies - I've found out that the light headedness and generally feeling awful is due to me having a nasty kidney infection - so thank goodness - it's not LL related at all!!!

I suppose it's easy to blame any symptom on the plan isn't it. Glad I got it checked out tho otherwise I'd have ended up in Hospital. Now on mega dose anti biotics so not sure whether they'll affect the loss this week but I'll just have to accept it if it is the case that I don't lose.

Hi Wytchy. Great news that you're on the road to recovery. Also good news, my LLC said that meds like anit-biotics don't effect the LL programme at all. It's just meds that are sugar coated. So you're still on track. Hope you continue to improve this week.

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