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Feeling Like a Barrell

Hi Chaps,

I am feeling competely 'barrelesque' this evening. I am still struggling to get back on track and have been nibbling rubbish mid afternoon most days This afternoon it got to about 2.00p.m. and I had about 6 crackers and a piece of cheese.

Later I ate a scone and part of a muffin. I am soooooooooooooooooo bloated. :eek: I don't know about anyone else but in the past when I have failed to stick to a diet and deviated from 'the path' I'd say "**** it , may as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb and I'll start again tomorrow" but today I haven't done that.

I think that I am just about to have a period and I know that really makes me bloat up. In the past when I've given in and had a 'stuff-fest' I've got up next morning only to find that 'my friend' had arrived and the bloat subsided and then kicked myself at having stuffed all those extra calories the day before.

So I am operating a damage limitation exercise at the moment and hoping that tomorrow morning I will awaken looking and feeling svelte-like!!!!

Christmas is coming and I want to look great this year. I am really starting to feel sympathy for people who suffer from addiction problems - wanting to do something sometimes just isn't enough. :cry:
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Dear fatpossum,

I will not bore you with my years of struggling with food and the therapies i had for it. I alsno will not bore you with all the diets i did, the weight i lost and gained more back. I was in a traject for a therapie for 1,5 for food addicts but i didn't start it because i have enough of all the psychologic talks. 16 Days ago i decided to stop my addiction with food and started cambridge. Yet now i can tell you that this is the solution for me. I never went to gym because i was to ashamed but on the same day i started cambridge, i went to a gym class and now i go every week. I know i'm still a beginner with 16 days but i am sure that this is going to change my life in all good meanings. The body i'm living in right now is not mine.

I'm 40 years old now and it's time to make a change!!!!!

Will you join me?


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