feeling like giving in!!

I am on week 2 and got weighed last night and put 2lb on.... not sure how that is possible when i have been 100% SS. i just feel so depressed and that i might as well have eaten last week. i'm having to take it a day at a time this week ( or more like hour by hour), i'm soooo disapointed and feel like eating a big meal... part of me says, you might as well... then another part says don't be stupid.. Don't give in yet!!! My CDC seems to think it is water retention due to me not drinking enough ( which is my own fault, as been too busy at work) and that it should be my TOTM although no signs of it at the mo, also not been to the loo since sunday, so the dreaded constipation has struck.... i just feel like i want to cry i have been trying so hard and now feel like i'm missing out for no reason... whats the point if i'm gonna put weight on!!!! the fridge is calling and i'm finding it hard to resist!!!
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Ahhhh, I feel so sorry for you. Even the tone of your post sounds like you are going to cry. Please don't. Reading what you say, I think you know why you put the weight on ie. water, TOTM, loo etc. Drink the water this week and see how it goes. The water will help with the loo issue too. You had a good weight loss last week so that still evens out to 4lb a week. Please don't give in - you will regret it (and I should know).


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aw darling i totally feel for you i really do you sound so so down and no wonder... its like a kick in the teeth after a weeks hard work and as if the diet isnt hard enough... my advise is stick at it cause you will HAVE to get a massive weight loss next week.. you are pretty much guaranteed if you stick to it 100%
good luck hun xxxx


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hiya mandy
i no its hard when you dont loss anything even worse to put on but you know were you went wrong. drink and drink and drink your daily water this does work i have felt low over the last few days but now think i am no my way back on track, i have stuck with it i am sure you can.dont give in it will be worth it in the end,
good luck
maria xx


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You have done so well already, don't let your mind win and give in.

I'm sure if you step up your water intake, you weight loss will have to catch up sooner or later. I bet in only a day or two your weight loss will show.
It's gross but a dulcolax always helps after 4/8 hours if you have constipation. This should make you feel much better.

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Mandy bless you, I know just how you feel because I feel the same. The scales have been stuck for days now (im on week 3.) I have just talked myself out of giving up tomorrow (ive been day dreaming about rolls with cheese in) by saying one more week. How about we do the next week together day by day and keep each other informed on here? Try senna I took some today. The ducolax had me doubled over in agony and crying:cry:.


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Mandy, as triple trouble says above my post, tell yourself one more week and if you have to take it hour by hour...so be it.
You can do it! I understand how frustrated you must be feeling but you cant not have lost body fat. How are your clothes feeling, can you feel a bit of a difference? My scales are doing the same but i can feel the difference in myself. Best of luck hun xx


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You may one of those people who's body just needs to take some time to catch up with whats going on... have you taken measurements? Bet those are going down which means you are burning fat....
You really REALLY need to drink the water otherwise your body can't flush it out plus the water will help with the constipation. Are you taking fibre89 or pysillium husks with your shakes? I know I have to or I suffer... plus I keep a record of how regularily I go & if I've not been for 2 days I do something about it before it gets uncomfortable.

Keep going... I bet next week you'll get a whoosh & you'll be down a good few pounds again. xx


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Aw don't give up hope :sign0009: up the water intake and try another week


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don't let yourself be fooled by the scales, you actually do loose weight. It's impossible not to loose weight with only 450 calories a day!

Did you take your measurements? Even if the scales show nothing the measuring tape can tell you a whole different story.


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Chin up hun...it's impossible for you to have put on "real" weight when you've only been consuming 600 cals a day - so there must defo be another explaination...Try and stick with it for another week, and i bet you have a fantastic weight loss at your next weigh in!!

Well done for sticking to SS 100%! Also, you may have lost inches...are your clothes feeling looser etc...have you been taking measurements...that helps to keep me motivated!!

Good luck hun xx
Thanks to you all, i have had my measurments done and lost half inch of bust but one inch put on thighs.... stayed same everywhere else. i have cheaked ketosis this morning and it didn't change colour, but i have been drinking loads of water, so not sure if my reading was off due to dilution off pee. can't see how i coldn't be in ketosis when all i have is CD. Think my body doesn't have a clue what it is supposed to be doing and my mood and willpower is suffering.
Mandy bless you, I know just how you feel because I feel the same. The scales have been stuck for days now (im on week 3.) I have just talked myself out of giving up tomorrow (ive been day dreaming about rolls with cheese in) by saying one more week. How about we do the next week together day by day and keep each other informed on here? Try senna I took some today. The ducolax had me doubled over in agony and crying:cry:.
Yeah lets stick together.... i'm so close to giving in that the support would be good, i might do some excercise tonight to see if that will shift some pounds, might help with the moodiness as well. You have done so well so far with big weight loss in first week and average in second, i on the other hand am crap!!! A big box of chocolates and a bottle of red wine would be nice right now..... guesse i'll just have a bottle of water instead lol!! How are you doing today?


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Hi Mandy,

I am sure you will be fine, I am giving it another week as I know it works but I havent managed to get in to Ketosis for days and days. I start work on Monday and dont know what I am gonna do if I am not in K as it will kill me to have to use energy. Look how great you did week 1, you are still on line for a stone in teh first month.

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Im a bit better today thanks, I went to bed early. It seem alot of people do that on this diet. I did have an extra few pieces of quorn so I didn't eat the bread though. Chocs and red wine...im drooling.
You did really well in your first week, Im sure at some point our body says hang on what going on here.....and then carries on. Lets see what this week brings. I told myself it is only 7 days and will count them down and hope to lose. Im also sure when the senna kicks in you will lose weight, seeing everything is in storage at the mo ;-)
Let me know if the exercise improves your moods as mine are swinging all over the place at the mo x

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really hope you are able to hang on in there girls.. some other diets never show results like CD in the first weeks, so lets hope it's just a blip and you can get back into ketosis.. the gain is likely only water if you dropped out of ketosis.. ((Hugs)).

Am really looking forward to restarting next week and really hope that I can follow your lead and start losing along with you.. i'm sure you'll be celebrating next week! :)

Just remember how BAD that wine and chocolate is and how rubbish you'll feel after.. there is a motivation thread around somewhere about ignoring the scales.. a very good read and very true!! they are only a piece of machinery.. don't let them ruin this for you!
My kids and OH are suffering with my swinging moods, they all wear tin hats and stay out my way lol!!! it's so hard to stick to when you don't feel you are doing well. My CDC rang me earlier, she is really good and very supportive, and said just to give it another week and we will see where we go from there. I'm taking it a day at a time and also going to bed early as thats when the hunger demonds seem to rase their ugly heads lol!!! I'm managing to drink lots and just trying to keep myself motivated and active. What day do you get weighed, i get weighed on wednesdays.

miss jelly tot

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Hi Mandy
did the exercise work? I think the mood swings may also be linked to weight loss. I know I am in a good mood when I lose and when I don't i feel down. I get weighed tomorrow on my scales but see the cdc on Tuesdays. I didn't get on the scales today but the 2 senna tablets have worked so im hoping for a loss finally. Just think we are already another day down so only 6 to go. :)
Have you tried any of the recipies on here? They were a life saver for me and it feels like you are eating proper food. Keep it up and im always here.:hug99:


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There's a great deal of good advice in these posts. :):):):)

Drink more water. Drink at least 2.250 litres a day. Good for all the reasons mentioned above.

Be more active. I find that when I am more active my guts are more active. Hope that makes sense.

Go to bed earlier. Remember what sleep is for, rest and repair. When we are asleep there is a lot of maintenance etc going on. So, don't skimp on that. When I don't get enough, I feel like crud and can't be as active as I would like. Also it affects my mental clarity. I feel I need all my wits about me to get through this diet.

Don't give up. You can do it.:):):):)