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Feeling like i want more today


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Urgh - don't understand. Two weeks in and this morning I'm wavering. I'm resisting the urge to go foraging in the kitchen. I think I'll have a juice and go on the treadmill for a bit and see if that helps.

Doesn't help that OH was an ass this morning. After all these years of marriage there are days when I can't figure him out.
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Hey Bobbi
Stay strong! Two weeks in proves you can do it, it's just your mind playing tricks. I've found it really interesting being on exante and noticing the emotional triggers for eating that I didn't realise I had before, and yes my OH is a major one! We fell out the other day and I immediately had a massive craving to eat... but once I got through it and we made up again I was glad I hadn't!
Hope the treadmill and juice work their magic!


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Thankyou so much for understanding. I still feel emotional, I want to cry.

Anyway I just did two miles on my treadmill, am improvement on the 1.8 on Saturday. That's round 3 ticked off.

I am going to eat now but I'm either going to have a second shake or some meat out the fridge. I'm not going to be silly.

As for hubby, he's so up and down. He gets in a tizzy about stuff all the time and takes it out on others. Yesterday 7yo asked him to kick a ball with him and he was too busy playing with his boat trailer wheels yet he beats himself up over it rather than just taking 5 minutes out and kick the ball. It's much the same here he's barely spoke to me since Saturday and expects me just to wait till he's ready. Sorry I'm venting but .... you get the picture.


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i have had a hungry day today too :(


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crims .... :( I hope you can stay strong too.

Okay I did manage only to eat a slice of cheese and had another pint of water. Its lunchtime now for the kids so I will have my shake and I am back on track.
Ugh i'm with ya!

Day 2 and am bloody staaaaaaaaarvin! Guzzling water like it's going out of fashion.

Promised myself I can have my bar at 1.00. 5 mins to go!!
That was me yesterday, took Totm this morning- may have been linked. Feel so much more in control today, but yesterday I felt completely out of control, had unbearable urges to shove something in my mouth



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I've got over mine now but earlier I was very hungry!

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