Feeling low :-(


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Hi guys

I've come here to just spill my emotions. I have taken into account its my time of the month, somit is probably a hormone imbalance or something, but I'm feeling sorry for myself today

I was reminded today that this time last year I had I was 4 stone lighter than I am now, and had lost a massive 8 stone. Since then it has all gone downhill and straight on as fat.

I can't believe I let myself get this big again, and feel really disappointed with myself. I am now cutting it fine to try to lose the inches to get into a size 20 wedding dress that I have ordered; if I'd carried on I would be swaning around antigua in a 12.

I have also found out that a couple of my guests want to get married while they are there, which in itself doesn't bother me much, but she is skinny and I am fat. So as women do will obviously be comparing myself to her.

I do not feel imam going to come off plan, but this with me getting behind with my studies, and not having time to organise a party for my 2 yr olds birthday tomorrow AND having a rubbish few weeks at work has left me feeling like I'm struggling to cope and 'food' being my coping mechanism in the past has been taken away from me. I am trying to find something to replace it.
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aaw huny...... please please please remember how far you have come. rather than thinking this time last year i was 4st lighter try to think this time 2 yrs ago i was 4st heavier! you have done and will do it again. coming on here instead of turning to your normal coping mechanism shows how far youve come emotionally.
well done for being open and honest with yourself, you may not be where you want to be right now but you ARE getting there.
just think how many weeks till your wedding and what you know can shift in that time if you remain 100% where your head is at.
as for comparing yourself to your friend, dont! that is crooked thinking at its worst and your wedding day is yours and yours alone. your future husband will be telling the world how much he loves, cherises you and wants to spend the rest of his life with you and only you.... you are a beautiful woman and thats why he wants to marry you.
this diet can do strange things to everyone, especially when our only release (food) is taken away completely. take a look at your before pics, take a look at your first measurements when you first embarked on lighterlife and think how fab you really are. take care huny. xx


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Thanks Carrie x I'm feeling a little better now I have left work lol

Just got to keep on keeping on ;-)


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Keep your chin up Mel darling, you are so on the right track, no looking backwards, only forwards now to your fabulous wedding day, and how wonderful, amazing and beautiful you are going to look and feel. I wish I could find a bloke to marry me honey!! You can do this, and you are going to do this and wow you are doing this!!!



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mel, you will be slim by then - and anyway as the bride on your day you will look beautiful as you will be glowing!
I got married the summer before doing LL and looking back at the photos I still love them cos i look so happy
- even if a year later i was 4 stone lighter i have never wished I had looked different on the day - besides which the corseted dress took about 3 sizes off me anyway, lol! ( see pic in my photos!)

Stick to it hun, you will be fine!!!!
daisy x

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Hey Mel...

Don't feel down hunny...

Some great points been made on here, so make sure to let them penetrate, as they're all correct! ;)

Another thing to rememeber is, not only are you 4 stone lighter than you were 2 years ago... But also, if you'd not lost the initial 8 stone to start with, and just carried on the way you were, you could have put on an additional load of weight too! Hey, instead of being 4 stone lighter now, you could be another 4 or 5 (or more!0 stone heavier than THAT by now...

You're doing so well... you're doing all you can... we're here for you, and all know you're gonna succeed! You are gonna be the most beautiful bride, ever! :D



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Sending you big hugs huni. Don't be too harsh on yourself. It doesn't bring anything positive.

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Don't let the feeling low pixies jeapordise (sp!) your goals Mel. They are the naughty little voices trying to undermine your efforts, making you feel like what is the point. Beat them off with a big old stick. Regroup and focus on that wedding day. Forget what could have been, where you could be, it is irrelevant. The only think that matters is sticking to the program 100% between now and your wedding and walking down the aisle happy and confident in your appearance. Go for it girlie. YOU CAN DO THIS!

(PS I do think it's a bit rich for someone else to hijack your idea and get married at the same(ish) time. You are very generous of spirit to be ok with them about it. I would have seriously thrown my toys out of the pram :eek:)

chin up pretty girl