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Feeling low :-(

I'm feeling really down and depressed today. I'm moping about the place feeling so sad. I can't quite pinpoint why it started though :( My first thought to get over it was to eat something yummy and now I'm even more sad because I can't do that. If that isn't a clue to emotional eating then I don't know what is! I've really got to work on it. So I've come on here to get it off my chest and stay away from the cupboards. But I can't deny that it's worried me. If I can have feelings like that then when I finish LT the chances are I might get back into all my old habbits.

I've been trying to think of ways I can deal with this when I come off TFR. If I had been on a 'normal' diet or back on slimming world then I know I would have failed today and eaten everything in sight. And then felt 10 times worse than I ever did in the beginning anyway! Urgh it's such a vicious cycle.

I think tomorrow after uni I am going to search through my pictures and find ones where I used to look skinny and amazing and ones where I look like a fat lump. I'm going to stick them on my wardrobe and my fridge, cupboards etc and see if it helps me stay on track and want to achieve this.

I've been yo-yo dieting for years now and I want it to be over forever. I was hoping this emotional craving for lots of food would go away :cry:

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Hey Emma-Jayne, hang on in there hun, you are two weeks in and 15 pounds lighter, wow how good is that!! By the way I am not sure which of the beautiful young women in your photo is you, but gorgeous doesn't tell the half of it xx Why not sort out those other fab photo's right now? Take care hun, be kind to yourself xx
Emma-Jayne, I think those food cravings are completely normal. The fact is you are using lots of effort to think postively and making plans on how to overcome it. I can promise you that if you stay focused on what you want long term, it will help you make your short term choices. And that tomorrow you will feel GREAT about yourself for sticking with it! :) We all make choices every day.... and each choice takes us along the road to where we want to be OR on another road to where we dont want to be. It sounds like you're definitely on the right track to me and there are MANY people on here who will help you to believe that it's worth all the effort you're making xx Please keep us posted!
im in slimming world but have thaught about lipotrim any tips for me should i stick with slimming world
sineadsss ... why not pop this on a new thread... Im sure you would get lots of responses x

peach pip

Nothing but Fuzz!
Honey you know the best part about what you said there is that ok your first reaction was to eat something yummy... But did you? No! You are breaking the cycle of emotional eating sweetheart which is a massive part of this process. No matter what the reasons or driving force behind what is making you want to eat ... You stopped yourself and recognised it as emotional rather than hunger ... If that's not progress I don't know what is. :)
You are doing so so well and everyone has days where they can't quite put their finger on why they are as crabby as sin but... that is our right as women!!! We are allowed those days! :) They are not easy but you won't let them break you :)

I would do one of two things..exercise to give you a boost.. Or if you aren't feeling that... Face mask bubble bath iPod on and the trashiest magazine you can find! :)

Feel better soon Hun, you will be ok xxx
You have realised your negative reaction to your emotion!!! Thats the biggest step!!! Because although you want to ou havent!!! Well done for that!!!

Its completely normal on LT to miss food!!! In 4lbs you'll be half way to goal!!! How cool is that!!!! Just hang on in there!!!!

You CAN do this sweetie!!!
you said no so thats great,have ou set yourself some small goals and treats ...you will win through
Thank you everyone SOOOOO MUCH! You have no idea how helpful you have all been. I got quite emotional reading your posts! And you're right, I noticed my previous habbit and stopped it. I WIN! I WILL beat this food demon. I am definitely going on a photo hunt tomorrow :) I haven't done it today because I've been working since 7am :-( Literally just got home at 9:30 this evening. uklady and peach pip you have really turned my thinking around and made me realise that I did have a choice and I chose NOT to eat!

Thank you all for reassuring me that I'm not the only one going through this and that others miss food too! Phew. I guess we all do have our bad days. I'm so glad this day is over and I can go to bed and wake up feeling great for not giving up. 4lb to go till halfway is a great way of looking at it Deezer :) Thank you!

izzysmum I am the dark haired person in the picture and thank you so much for your kind words!! That is actually a very flattering photo.

One more day of TFR over. I will get to work on some little treats to encourage myself along the way, thanks mash.

Sleep tight everyone xxxx


Determind dieter :D
Emma-Jayne...I too am an emotional eater but as the ladies have already said YOU chose NOT to eat ...no one else...YOU ....you've got the strength to keep at this and beat those demons. It seems a very common feeling amongst our community on here that we cover emotions by eating ...I have learnt so far that I'm not hiding my emotions under food anymore! If I get into that horrid brain space I usually now reach for the laptop and come on here to distract myself or I found painting my nails does really well as I don't wanna smudge them so stay away from the cupboards ;)~lol~ and by the time the paints dried the pangs have past :D x x x keep strong luvvie were all here for you x x x
Hi Emma-Jayne,

this is what we are all here for- to relate with you and assure you we are all going through the same thing or did at some stage. i feel i am in a similar place to you- i want this to be the last time i diet and ensure i have good habits once the weight is gone. you can do this , we all can :)

We CAN all do this! And we WILL! Lipotrim Power!

I think my main fear is, will I still be this strong when I come off TFR and have to deal with 'choosing' the right foods? I hope so! But that has been my downfall on other diets!

I will have to cross that bridge when it comes to it and keep using the techniques I am using now, drinking loads of water, sipping hot drinks and coming online to talk to you wonderful people! Xxx

peach pip

Nothing but Fuzz!
Hey Emma-Jayne,

I have similar fears about choosing well after I hit goal... but what I plan on is doing the maintenance plan for a while as well and hopefully getting into a routine just gradually reintroducing food, my theory is few choices = less risk of choosing the wrong thing. So to choose healthily for one meal a day for a while should be achievable then gradually add another meal one step at a time.
Also I think after all this effort to change to fit into the lipotrim plan, healthy eating is just another plan to adapt to after you hit goal. I know my mindset will be different as I will be so scared of putting it all back on and having to start again I will choose right.
We will figure it out Hun! :)
We CAN all do this! And we WILL! Lipotrim Power!

I think my main fear is, will I still be this strong when I come off TFR and have to deal with 'choosing' the right foods? I hope so! But that has been my downfall on other diets!

I will have to cross that bridge when it comes to it and keep using the techniques I am using now, drinking loads of water, sipping hot drinks and coming online to talk to you wonderful people! Xxx
i think we all have those fears of putting it all back on. I just keep hoping buy the time i get there i will be so not bothered by food lol. someone i know sticks to a protein and veg/ salad by week and enjoys carbs and naughties by weekend and has been maintaining like this for a good year so it is possible. and as for feeling rubbish i felt it last week and was so annoyed with myself but i had a good loss again at the scales and it kicked me into touch. we can all do this
Hi folks, all these posts are beautiful, helpful and so encouraging, I wasn't feeling low at all but trust that you Emma feel so much better for having read them all, I know it has made me all warm and fuzzy inside.
My own mum rang the Samaritans once when desperate! Have a good evening, Elaine

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