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feeling low

Hi all,had my first weigh in today and only lost 5lbs (although my scales told me this morning that i had lost 8lbs). Although i know that 5lbs is not bad i was really hoping for more, especially after reading other peoples 1st week weigh ins where they were losing 10 - 12lbs etc. :sigh:
Is this normal, could i expect to lose more next week???
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Says it as it is!!!
Hi hun...don't measure your self against others ...your loss in the first week is water and if you didn't retain much then you have less to lose... i only lost 8lbs in my first week...EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT!!!! chin up and glugg some more water ... the more you drin k the more weight you lose xxxx
Well done on the loss hun
Next week every lb you loose is a lb of pure fat ...see the pic below xx



weighs a lot less
first of all 5lbs is fantastic weight watchers only promise you that in 2 weeks,secondly evryone is different hun try not to compare yourself to others,you may only store a little water and glcergon as that is whats lost the first week,youve done the hard part getting through week1 and next week you will be losing the fat ,so chin up hun and go buy yourself something nice you deserve it xx lil xx


fightin the fat !
Well done on your loss xx remember there could well be a difference in your scales and the chemists scales..keep up the hard work xx
Thanks both, i feel like i've lost more, its just those blasted scales!! At a conference all day tomorrow so have the dreaded flapjack experience to look forward to. Any tips?


weighs a lot less
i like well love the flapjacks,break it into pieces in the pack and have water to hand dont try big bites youve got no chance of swallowing them lol xx
5lbs is good! Go and pick up a 5lb bag of spuds and carry it around the supermarket for 10mins!

Everyone loses differently - try not to compare yourself to others.

Drink plenty of water - and by next week you'll be at least half a stone lighter.


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I know you must be feeling a bit fed up. But if you look at some of the other posts you will see that some people have a smaller loss at the start and then a few weeks in have a week or two of big losses. So hang in there. Let's be honest ....would you rather have the 5lbs on or off?? It is a good loss. Stay strong for next week.


Says it as it is!!!
Thanks both, i feel like i've lost more, its just those blasted scales!! At a conference all day tomorrow so have the dreaded flapjack experience to look forward to. Any tips?
Nibble it hunni ...and Flap Jacks rock!!!! Don't listen to the horror stories...save them for the chicken soup!!!:D

dont compare yourself with others, you are doing great :)
5lb is fab keep it up your doing really well.


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Well done on the 5lbs that is brilliant......keep up the fab work and drink plenty of water, yes you will be visiting the loo more but just think of yourself peeing the fat away........that will make it seem much more bearable.
sarsg I hope you are feeling a bit more optimistic today. 5lb is a great loss and you would be lucky to get a loss like that on any other diet.

Keep drinking the water, until you feel like you can't drink anymore and you may be surprised next week. :D

Stick with it missus and I am sure you will see the results soon :scale:
5lbs is great! I only lost 6lbs in my 1st week. I make the mistake of weighing myself on my scales and I sometimes have a nice surprise and lose more than i thought or sometimes completely dissapointed because i lose less. Everyone fluctuates between 5lb per day. Dont worry about it! :) xxx


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well done on your 5lb but just you wait for the next WI you'll be jumping for joy, so dont be disheartened just up up up your water intake.


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Well done hun. Have you measured yourself? Its always good to see the inches drop off! Bet the inches dropped loads...especially since you feel you lost more. 5lbs is fab hun. Well done.x

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